Four Things to Love about a G&G Combat Machine Raider

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Shopping for an AEG means that you’ll want a tough platform that can take a fair amount of abuse while still performing consistently and delivering results. By the same token, you’ll probably want to be able to get a deal wherever you can. Balancing both of those considerations, you might want to check out a G&G Combat Machine Raider for a place in your line up. Here are four things to love about the platform.

It’s Tough

First and foremost, a G&G Combat Machine Raider is a tough AEG. A model like the G&G Combat Machine 16 is built to last. With a polymer receiver and a Version 2, full metal, fully upgradeable gearbox with 8mm brass bearings is made to deliver consistent performance and not to break down like other designs of less spectacular peerage. This platform is capable of reaching muzzle velocities up to 400 fps and the high-quality magazine it comes with can hold up to 450 6mm bbs. The point here is that it’s a tough airsoft gun that can hang with you through plenty of adverse conditions.

It’s Adaptable

Then there’s the fact that this Combat Machine 16 Raider is an adaptable piece of equipment. Small and light enough to be serviceable in close quarters where you might otherwise be more comfortable reaching for an airsoft pistol, it’s also capable of reaching out with great accuracy over fairly long ranges. But that’s not the only thing that makes it adaptable. It comes with a 6 position collapsible crane stock to give you the ideal length of pull so you can be more effective and more accurate when it counts. It also comes with sling mounts and a rear aperture and front post sight, although as you’re about to find out it can accept a lot of attachments as well.

It Can Accept a Lot of Attachments

As we said, this thing can accept a lot of attachments. Much like some of the M16’s on which G&G CM16 raider is modeled, it features a quad rail. That means you can not only mount a scope or a red dot sight over the receiver, but you can also add attachments like lasers, lights and gear saddles to the sides or bottom of the rail. It doesn’t end there, though, but we won’t list them all out in here. Figure out what attachments you need to be more effective in a match and go from there. G&G Combat Machine Raider is likely to be able to accept most if not all of them.

The Price

Then there’s the price. This is one of the best quality airsoft rifles in its price range, bar none, and loaded with features that you would usually only find in other airsoft guns many times the price. It has the quality metal components, durability and adaptability to make it a truly great airsoft gun that can be used to defend positions from a distance just as easily as launching into a close-quarters offensive. It’s an all-around effective airsoft gun, and if you’re in the market for a new AEG you can’t go wrong with this. To find one at an excellent price, visit You can even pick up your attachments at MiR Tactical, too, so don’t delay, get yours today.

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