For Quality and Innovation, Look to KWA Airsoft

There’s nothing wrong with the standard features of so many of the spring, gas, and electric airsoft rifles and pistols out there on which so many players rely. Different tastes rule in the game of airsoft, and an AEG that works perfectly for one player’s needs might be a clunker in the hands of another.

When it comes to designing and developing cutting edge airsoft products to satisfy this variety of needs, however, you can’t do better than to set your sights on KWA Airsoft. KWA has been producing some of the most innovative, even visionary, designs in airsoft guns and equipment for quite some time now. When you’re looking for an airsoft gun that comes out of the package with some serious functionality, or for parts that can really elevate the usage of your other airsoft equipment, KWA airsoft is the way to go.

There’s nothing like a real-world example to drive this point home. Check out the KWA VM4 Ronin 10 Airsoft SBR AEG, that is loaded with features and lauded by the community for its performance-enhancing design and innovative, insightful platform. This airsoft rifle is an enhancement over earlier models and is newly upgraded with a lightweight, custom-designed aluminum rail running almost the full length of the barrel to offer you maximum space and utility without bulking up the package unduly. It comes with an improved, high-torque motor and front and rear flip-up sights.

The one-piece upper receiver is remarkable for the durability it offers the player, which is always a bonus when you’re in the field facing harsh conditions. The rifle also comes with a 120 round mag, a rotary hop up and a surprising amount of power, able to reach muzzle velocities of up to 400 FPS. Maneuverable, ergonomic and fast, this rifle is well received by most who have handled and used it, and for good reason. It’s the kind of innovation and technological superiority that has so strongly endeared KWA airsoft to so many members of the airsoft community.

This is only one example of the many fine airsoft guns and airsoft replicas that KWA has become noteworthy for designing and producing, but it’s typical of the vast suite of features that come with them. KWA manufacturers other great AEGs like the Ronin T6, Ronin T10, and KWA QRF AR, each loaded with adjustable features and plenty of capacity to accept attachments. KWA produces many other airsoft rifles and pistols, including a number of other equally capable AEGs and pistols, as well as replicas based on popular platforms like the M16 and M1911.

It’s also important to recognize that KWA is not only noteworthy for the designs of its finished airsoft guns, but for the vast number of parts and components that it produces and can really enhance the performance of your existing platforms. Even a quick glance through their catalog of parts and accessories will yield a wealth of magazines and parts that you can use to make repairs or replacements to your current models.

To put a little extra capability behind some of your platforms with the vast suite of parts and accessories offered by KWA, check out the collection that you will find at There you will find not only a huge selection of parts but also a number of KWA rifles and pistols that you can throw into your arsenal for training or rotation. MiRTactical doesn’t just have a great selection, either, as their customer service and prices can’t be beaten. Everything on their website, listed above, is covered by a price match guarantee, and orders over 99 dollars ship free. As for their customer service, give them a call to put that to the test. They can be reached at 800-581-6620 – let them know what you need today.

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