A Foodie’s Review on What Makes Jollibee the Most Popular Restaurants in Dubai

Jollibee has become one of the most popular fast-food restaurants globally and is also one of the biggest global food trends in the past 18 months. Across the GCC region, it has 44 branches, out of which 14 are present in the UAE itself. The company also plans to open two more branches – one in Abu Dhabi’s Hamdan Street and the other in Sahara Center in Sharjah. What started as an ice-cream parlor at first has now grown into a fast food restaurant with a delicious and economical menu. Moreover, the company also offers the Jollibee order online facility wherever it has its presence.

A look at the delicious menu

This Filipino styled fast-food joint has a wide range of quick bites. The menu ranges from burgers to garlic rice, spaghetti, different types of sausage in banana-ketchup, and the all-time favorite Spicy Chicken joy. You also get value meals, family meals, desserts, a-la-carte, and other food options to suit your taste buds.  The menu consists of foods that both adults and children can enjoy.

The ambiance of Jollibee dine-in at selected outlets and food courts

Like any other fast-food restaurant, the Jollibee’s dine-in ambiance is perked with bright colors and combinations. Various seating options can seat groups of different sizes. You also have a special section that you can use for parties, get-togethers, or large crowds.

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In some outlets, there is also a special play zone for kids to enjoy themselves while waiting for their food to come in. Jollibee is located across various food courts in different malls. People can sit in the allotted space and enjoy their meal.

Quality of food and customer feedback

When it comes to food quality, Jollibee does not make any compromises. The company also respects the religious sentiments of the locals in Gulf countries and serve halal meat. It also ensures that employees maintain the quality standards that the company has set.

The company does have its fair share of negative feedback; however, you can tell that they consider every feedback they get. Nevertheless, when you look at the overall rating, the company does have more positive feedbacks, a happy and loyal customer base that always comes back for more.

Value for money and lucrative offers

To ensure that their customers have something to look out for, Jollibee comes up with lucrative offers and discounts. If you log on to food portals where you can access Jollibee order online, you will find some offers or discounts. Even their super value meals are worth every penny. Each portion is decently sized and comes with different variants.

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Jollibee is one of the best Filipino fast-food restaurants in Dubai. The food here gives you great value and is priced economically. From bucket meals to a-la-carte and even burgers, you can get everything you want under one roof. Do not be surprised if you happen to go to any of the outlets and find a huge line and long waiting time.

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