FollowInstta: Ideal Service for Increasing Followers on Instagram

A great help to quickly gain Instagram followers and be successful on social media using FollowInstta. To have a real influence on Instagram you need to have an established fan base. But often the process of growing a profile is slow and it can be difficult to build a consistent and stable audience.

Given that the creation of valuable content and the design of a valid digital strategy are the basis of every success profile, having a large fan base to offer your content is certainly helpful in reaching an ever-increasing audience.

But how to get more followers on Instagram?

There are specific software that can help in this regard. We tried FollowInstta. It is a freeware application created by Orangeview that allows you to increase your followers for free. It is available for both Android and iOS ( Followers Gallery on the Appstore).


FollowInstta has created an incredible ecosystem of real people, scattered around the world, to follow and like each other with. It supports 16 languages ​​and has recently implemented and improved the platform with a new dedicated site and a growing community.

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How does FollowInstta work?

FollowInstta is designed for all those users who want to get real followers on their Instagram accounts. The App is safe and very easy to use.

To get likes and followers on your account you need coins (Coins) which can be obtained in two ways:

  • For free, by sharing the App, following other users, liking their posts. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for the Android version. We also look forward to the one for iOS
  • Through in-App purchases by selecting the package that best meets our needs. Here you can view the packs available to purchase coins.

How to get likes and followers with FollowInstta?

  • First, let’s download the App from the store and install it on the Android phone
  • We create an account on FollowInstta by entering name, email and creating a password.
  • Attention! It does not have to be the credentials of your Instagram account, which we do not recommend using, but an adhoc account to access the platform.
  • Once logged in, we will instantly receive some welcome coins.
  • The next step is to add one or more Instagram accounts. To do this, click on the icon at the top left and select ” Add Account “
  • At this point, if we have enough coins, we can immediately buy a package of followers or likes for our posts.
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The followers and the likes obtained in this way come from real and authentic accounts, guaranteed by FollowInstta. In fact, only real Instagram users are able to access this mutual Like exchange system.

The App offers various purchasing solutions.

A single plan and a daily growth plan. This last solution is quite interesting because it allows you to give continuity over time to the likes and followers received for a low cost, about 0.89$ per day to get 50 followers per day for 1 month.

You can find on the site all the offers relating to the packages available, even with some special bonuses not to be missed.

How to get free followers and likes?

FollowInstta gives us the opportunity to buy coins for free and thus reach a large nest egg with which to buy links and followers for our account.

As already mentioned, this feature is currently ONLY available on the Android App.

To access it, just select the “get coins” icon at the bottom left and start earning coins by liking the posts that are proposed.

No obligation! We can choose the ones we like best and skip the ones we don’t like.

The same thing goes for followers.

Initially we may not find a correspondence between our “brand” and the followers and posts proposed, but it is a process that will improve over time.

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Attention! Like and follow trading activity is limited to the amount of energy available for each account. Every time we like a post we lose 2 units of energy, after which it is no longer possible to buy coins until it is restored. Energy recharges 1 unit every 5 minutes.

What are the benefits of using FollowInstta?

  • It’s free : just log in to the app and exchange likes and followers to receive virtual coins to spend on real Likes and Followers for your Instagram accounts.
  • It has a good standard of quality: As you surely know, bots or fake profiles serve to pollute real Instagram accounts. The likes and followers from FollowInstta are unique and real and available immediately (in no more than 24 hours).

FollowInstta is a tool that we recommend to all Instagram users who need to reach a wider audience. We all know that posting quality content is important but it’s only a small part of the overall promotion. Developing a strong fan base on social media helps promote yourself more effectively.

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