Top 7 trends to watch out in online e-commerce industry as per 2020

In recent days, almost all the internet users are using the mobile phone for shopping. It may be the food order, fashion accessories, electronic gadgets, ornaments, and several others. The trend of online shopping is highly dominating these days. On the flip side, there are also several online shopping stores rising now and then. For example, when you are planning to buy mobile phones, several online platforms will sell mobile phones, and you can avail the Flipkart Mobile offers to have cost-effective shopping. So, what are the trends in mobile phone shopping? Continue reading to explore them! 

  1. E-Commerce after COVID-19 

The entire world is slowly healing after the COVID-19 pandemic. E-Commerce is the only bigger market that had a good profit in this period. Now, several new technologies are still in process that will lead to the best online management process further. As of mid-April, revenue has increased by 68%. The impact is expected to dominate in the upcoming years as well. 

  1. Artificial intelligence

Without any doubt, the technology called artificial intelligence or AI is highly dominating in all the fields, and e-commerce is no more denying it. The customer’s browsing history massively changes in terms of automation and store personalization. Intelligent algorithms are now hailed as the key to deal with such challenges in the market. So, the businesses are incorporating personalized strategies up to 6 to 10 percent. The accuracy of the data is getting highly influenced by the quality and size of the data evolving. It will also offer space for the challenges for small e-commerce businesses if you do not have any large volume of data with the business. 

  1. Mobile Commerce 

Globally, several businessmen are proving that they are feeling it convenient with mobile commerce. It is highly true, during the holiday sale season, where they cannot visit the customers directly. It is how the business makes it responsive to the users. This shows how people are exposing them to mobile phones that are highly increasing these days. Not only the people who shop with the Flipkart offers but even the small e-commerce stores are interested in more mobile commerce. 

  1. Domination of voice search 

In any e-commerce store, you can now find the optimization of the content with the help voice search option. As per the new guidelines of Google, content for the voice search should involve more textural content in the regular contents. So, it will allow them to appear in the rich snippet and knowledge of the graphs in the platform. When you are using the tables and pictures it is great, but the website will not have more benefits out of it. Using the option like voice-enabled buttons can lead to more conversions from the smart speakers. Thereby, it also improves the number of e-commerce stores on the internet. 

  1. Rise of e-commerce stores

There are lots of e-commerce stores in the internet landscape, and this is still expected to grow further. Now, some sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytmmall, and several others are at the top and highly appreciated among the people with some offers like Amazon offers. The new business owners are looking for establishing similar online platforms with some other benefits. 

  1. Chatbots and personal assistants 

The concept of Chatbots is in practice even a few decades back, but it is at the peak of a trend in recent days. These AI-powered Chatbots will enrich the customer engagement that brings them close to the business. As lots of e-commerce businesses are adopting these in recent times, it is expected that the growth will reach $1.25 billion by the end of 2025. In 2021, these Chatbots may become cheaper, smarter and widespread in the digital landscape. 

  1. Personalization is raising high 

More than 50% of the shoppers feel that personalized online experience is crucial for buying the product, and 74% of the marketers believe in personalization to have an extreme and strong impact in the online business. So, the concept of personalizing in online shopping is becoming the key to gain a more satisfied audience. So, poor product recommendations, online stores may avoid such stores completely. 

The bottom line 

Have you now got an idea of trends in the online e-commerce industry? Understanding this, if you are looking for buying things from any of the online platforms, you can also look for it. There are lots of golden periods where you can adopt them with the right offers like paytm mall offers. When you cannot find the offers, you can also look for the top and leading coupon sites that will help you to have discounts on the products you are looking to buy. So it is now the high time to look for the products you need and place an order for them. 

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