Five ways to be a Successful Team Leader

Five ways to be a Successful Team Leader

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A leader is who influences other people towards the achievement of goals. It is a skill of motivating people to act towards accomplishing a common goal. A leader is basically is someone who makes a judgement, takes a decision, and initiates action, however, a leader is the one who discusses the ideas with the team to come up with the implementable ones and implements the same.

A team a leader has a passion for building and leading an elite team. As we have heard “If you want to fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together.” Most often, the greatness in a great team starts from the leader, the one who sets the boundaries.

Leadership is not a title or a position, it is action and example. — Unknown

Everybody wants to be a leader, this is the harsh reality. Don’t expect from the world to look at you as a leader. The biggest responsibility of the leader is self-reliance, and if you doubt on yourself then leadership is not your cup of tea. Because before we lead others we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. We have to watch our weaknesses, strengths, values, morals, passion. We need to go beyond our imagination to get comfortable with uncomfortable.

To start your leadership journey inculcate these traits in your personality along with self-assurance:-

Must be faithful, sincere and a good listener:

Whenever possible a leader should always be honest and transparent about the decisions they make and reasons for those decisions. Integrity and honesty makes him able to gain the trust of his employees who are working under him. It’s all about trust and royalty. Ready to listen to the opinions of others, People want to be heard, really heard, and not patronized.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate:

Communication is the key to make your connections strong with employees. Clear communication is necessary for what is being expected from each and everyone in the team.  Communication going to build relationships, develop progress, and identify risks and complaints. They’re likely to advise people to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. After all, non-genuine people know they’re better than others, so it’s in their nature to be self-righteous.

Communication skills are a must to become a extraordinary leader like Charles Field Marsham and others to correctly communicate their opinion and inspire people – to the point where the success and growth of their business hinges in large part on their communication skills. Charles Field Marsham is a Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist with 25 years of experience in building businesses in Africa.

Accountability and Responsibility:

Great leaders are not the ones who are always right at what they do. If things don’t go as planned, successful leaders pivot, take responsibility and continue their forward progress. They always look for solutions even in the curveballs. Successful leaders are adaptable. They constantly pursue perfection in all those things they do.

Welcome Innovation:

Even when it feels uncomfortable or goes against the grain of today’s thinking, successful leaders encourage innovation and changing things up. They accept that the results might not be optimal as experiments are conducting to improve operations or products, but that the effort to develop innovations will ultimately be worth it.

Set Clear Goals:

Their goals are clearly defined and support their business model. The best leader plan and prioritize and break the larger goals into smaller goals in a way that easy to achieve. Managing skills is very important for leaders.

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