Five Details Needs to Know about Baby Shoes

Children of different ages have different gait characteristics, so it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments to the standards for purchasing wholesale children’s shoes to meet the growing needs of children. Like a baby who is just about to learn to walk, the first pair of formal toddler shoes is particularly important. It should not only be beautiful in appearance and comfortable to wear but also be conducive to the development and healthy growth of the child and conform to the growth of the child’s feet. Regularity and physiological characteristics. Generally speaking, it is based on the principles of comfort, lightness, and breathing freely. In addition, the colors and patterns should be correspondingly lively and bright, in line with the childish psychology of children.

  1. It Must be Light and Breathable as much as possible

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    The lightness is to prevent the shoes from becoming a burden for the baby to walk and to better promote the baby to practice walking. Baby shoes should be breathing freely is because the baby’s metabolism is fast, and the baby is prone to sweating, especially when the weather is hot, the little feet are stuffy and sweaty in the shoes, which not only emits a foul smell but also makes the baby feel uncomfortable, which may cause the baby get into the habit of not wearing shoes.

  2. The Sole is Soft and Non-slip

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    Babies who have just learned to walk can fall easily, and the non-slip soles can increase the baby’s balance.

  3. Avoid Harm Caused by Toxic Substances

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    When choosing shoes for your baby, in addition to being soft and breathable, you should also avoid problematic materials. When choosing shoes, check whether the surface of the shoes is coated with chemical coatings and whether the smell is heavy. If the color is painted, it may fade and stay in the surface and babies can easily touch or even bite shoes with their mouths. Once the dye gets into the mouth, it may cause health hazards. In addition, pay attention to the turner and design, for example, do not choose shoes with extra decorative objects, so as not to stab the baby or let the baby bite, or even fall and let the baby swallow by mistake.

  4. The Right Size is very Important

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    To determine the size, there are two important parameters to understand. The first is the length of the baby’s feet, and the second is the inner length of the shoes.

  5. Replace in a Timely Manner

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    The baby’s feet grow very fast and the shoes must be replaced in time. Check at least once a month to see if the shoes fit.

A good pair of shoes can make your baby’s feet develop better. So parents need to consider carefully when choosing shoes for your baby. There are not only the above styles of shoes but also many other types of shoes. There is always one pair that is suitable for you.

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