Finding the Best EMR for you – A Complete Guide

If you wish to be the best in the game, you must invest in the best EMR for your medical practice. With consistent support at your disposal, your clinical operations will increase manifolds, and your patient relationships will become strengthened. 

What is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software? 

Before deciding which EMR to opt for, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the system. EMR software is a digital replacement for traditional paper patient charts. A centralized database of medical records is created, which is updated in real-time. The digital storage can then be shared with industry experts and specialists to provide greater care to patients. 

Key Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best EMR 

Medical Specialty: 

A medical software developed for allergy centers will serve you no purpose if you specialize in ophthalmology. The best EMR for your practice is the one that is specifically designed for your clinical needs. Relevant medical systems include specialty-specific templates, terminology, and access to unique content that would not be available in any other EMR system. 

Practice Size: 

While there are multiple softwares that cater to facilities of all sizes, it is always a good idea to consider that software that specializes in your practice size. To determine whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized facility, consider the average number of patients that visit your practice, along with how many doctors physicians are available to provide care. 

Remote Operations: 

With Covid-19 stronger than ever, there is a greater need to operate remotely. If you wish to provide care to patients without the restrictions of physical boundaries, invest in cloud-based software. On the other hand, if you choose to operate your practice for a defined set of hours, then consider a system that is installed on-premise. 


How much funds you have on hand is sometimes the biggest factor in choosing an EMR software. There are many systems in the market with varying prices. While a few are completely free of cost, others are too expensive to be afforded by individual practitioners. 

The key is to pay for what you want. It makes no sense to opt for a system that is priced $500 a month when you will only be using a couple of features. Another trick is to look for the value of money, i.e., the quantity and quality of features compared to the price.


How secure an EMR system is should be one of your top priorities. Patients share sensitive information with care providers and expect them to keep their data in safe custody. You should be interested in a system that encrypts data and performs routine backups. The best EMR is certified by credible entities, showing that their security is not all talk. 

Additional Tools:

This factor requires you to think about your requirements actively. Do you want a system that just stores records digitally or want one to manage your scheduling and payments? Most medical softwares include a suite of solutions, like EMR, practice management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement. 

With these additional tools, a practice can better manage its varying functions and increase its performance in all aspects. 

Decision Facilitators 

Free Demos:

Free trials can be a lifesaver when on the search for the best EMR. Most medical softwares offer a free demonstration that can be accessed after filling a short form on their website. You might think you have found your dream EMR system, but you will be left in shock when trying it in reality. 

Exploring trials is a safe option because you haven’t committed your scarce funds in the long-run. It will also enable you to compare between various alternatives to conclude which features you prefer over others. 

Customer Reviews: 

Each medical software provider, like any other company, employs the best marketers to ensure their product attracts a number of people. To get a more authentic idea about the features and experiences an EMR system provides, it is a wise decision to refer to what their clients say. 

You can always ask your friendly competitors about the EMR system they use or go to websites like FindEMR to read authentic customer reviews. Pro tip: read those reviews that give 3 or 4 stars as they are the most genuine. 

The Final Word

Investing in an EMR system is necessary to thrive (and survive) in today’s day and age. We are positive that the guide mentioned above has given you a headstart to finding the best EMR for your medical practice. In a crux, you should opt for that system that goes above and beyond your expectations from it.

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