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For all of the flaky and buttery baked goods you’ve encountered throughout your life, you can credit that texture to shortening. If you aren’t familiar with what shortening is, it is a cooking and baking fat that has a high melting point making it perfect for frying or creating flaky results for baking.

It is known not to have any flavor, however, it has plenty of uses that make it essential for cooking and baking. One of the brands that remains a popular choice for bakers all around the world is Stratas shortening. They are a brand known to offer many forms of shortening and oils to meet all of your cooking and baking needs.

If shortening is something you’ve decided you need in your kitchen, try shopping online at Stover & Company for all of your baking ingredient needs. They carry plenty of options that come from the leading brands in the culinary world. You can find everything you need when you take a look at their ‘shortening’ category page.

Between emulsifiers, fry shortening, liquid butter, margarine/lard, and more, you have everything you need to ensure that the texture and quality of your baked goods are the best that it can be. In baking, quality is something that can be achieved simply by the ingredients you choose to use. Anything you can think of, Stover & Company most likely has it listed in the baking ingredients section of their website.

Stratas shortening is one of the many types of shortening you’ll be able to find on their website. You can purchase the Stratas Food Fryite Frying Shortening – 50 lbs at an affordable price to cater to each and every one of your baking or cooking needs.

Another option from Stratas Foods that works solely for baking is the Super Fry Soy Flex Donut Fry Shortening – 50 lbs. This is a soybean-based shortening that is great for deep frying in baking or donut shops.

The Stratas Food products on Stover & Company have excellent stability and bland flavor. Whether you want to use them for frying donuts or for frying french fries, the option is up to you. Know that there is immense versatility in terms of how you can use Stratas shortening in your kitchen.

Other brands of shortening you can find on their website include Bunge and Columbus Oils. At Stover & Company, you always have the ability to shop by brand if you’d like. If you aren’t familiar with brands, you can always trust in Stover & Company to have some of the best options available for you.

The shortening that is carried on their website doesn’t just apply to frying. Another popular pick that you can find on their website includes icing shortening, intended to give your cake or icing the perfect quality and texture.

Without a doubt, shortening plays a special role in baking and cooking. You can always use shortening if you are looking to elevate your baked goods. Stover & Company has the quantities and options for you to choose the one that works best. This includes the quantities needed to support your bakery.

Shopping at is easy and convenient for those who need their bakery and confectionery supplies quickly. Since their founding in 1948, they’ve been providing quality products to sustain bakers all over the world.

If you stop by their website and run into any questions while shopping, you can easily reach the team for additional support or assistance. You can send them an email at or give them a call at 724. 274. 6314.

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