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It’s a sad reality that not every campsite is going to have a sewer hookup. While it may add a few extra steps to your trip, it’s definitely not the end of the world. Having the correct Portable RV Waste Tank to fit your camper is crucial if you want to make the process of disposing of emptying your waste water tanks quick and easy. As long as you plan ahead and make sure your holding tank is the right fit for your RV, you should be able to avoid any messes and focus on having a fun trip.

Now, obviously, the best-case scenario at any campsite is having a full utility hookup. When this is the case, you can leave your gray tank open and draining your black tank will be extremely easy. When this convenience is not available, you will usually have to empty your waste tanks in a designated dump station. This can mean having to break down camp to drive your entire RV to the dump station every time you fill a tank. Portable RV waste tanks make this process much easier.

These portable tanks are designed with wheels to make them easy to move to your local dump station. Simply hook up your sewer line to the tank and empty the contents. It is obviously crucial to have a portable tank that exceeds the size of your largest tank, or you will end up in a pretty nasty situation.

If you have to drain both tanks, you should always dump your black tank first. Once the black tank is full, there should be adequate pressure to drain the entire tank. If you drain the tank prematurely, the excess solid matter can build up inside the tank over time. Once the tank is completely emptied, you can move your RV portable waste tank to the dump station before you drain your grey tank.

The grey tank should always be dumped second, though it should not be a big issue if the tank is not completely full before draining. Because the grey tank contains largely water used for washing, it should have a naturally high soap content. This means that your greywater will help wash the dump station after you have finished draining your black tank, which will help you save on water while keeping the dump station clean.

Finding the perfect portable RV waste tank all depends on your needs. Obviously capacity should be your first criteria. You need a portable tank that meets or exceeds your main tank’s capacity if you don’t want to have to deal with the cleanup after disconnecting a still full hose from a full tank.

Your next criteria should be transportation. Water and waste products can weigh around 10 pounds per gallon, so these tanks can get very heavy very quickly. There are models that have two wheels like a rolling suitcase and larger models that have a 4 wheeled build like a child’s wagon. Some tanks will even feature a tow handle that you can hook up to your car if you are camping with a trailer. This makes wheeling your waste to the dump station quick and easy, with no need to break camp.

So if you have a trip coming up, but you will not have a full utility hookup available, make sure you are ready with a portable RV waste tank from RVupgrades. If you have any questions about the tanks we carry or any of the other RV products we offer, you can reach a member of our team at 866-332-7881 or

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