8 medicines to increase stamina in bed

When you are talking of medicines to cure ED or lack of erection problem you must have checked on the internet that there are loads of medicine brands with a specific generic ingredient.

One of the things worth remembering is the fact that you cannot suddenly change the dosage or brand of an ED pill unless the same is approved by the doctor.

Changing pills or the dosage midway through your treatment can be highly contradicting and bring in the worst side effects that are better to be avoided.

Remember the reason why there are so many brands and dosage with each brand is that you the doctor has to specifically know which brand of ED pill is the most suitable for you.

Not all have the same effects or reactions upon taking the same type of pill.

Anyways, it is better to get to know the few most commonly used ED pill brands that will help you in your ED treatment.


Fildena 100 is a commonly used ED medicine with the generic ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate. This brand for ED pill is manufactured by the renowned Indian pharma company Fortune Healthcare.

Apart from treating your ED it is also sometimes prescribed by the doctor to patients suffering from arterial hypertension.

Avoiding alcohol is of prime importance as Fildena has highly contradicting side effects with alcohol.

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You must also inform the doctor of any other medicines or pre-existing diseases that you are having.


Manufactured by yet another reputed pharma company from India named Centurion Laboratories it is one of the commonly used brands.

Remember that Cenforce 100 too contains the same generic ingredient named Sildenafil. One of the advantages is that with Cenforce you are likely to get a range of doses starting from very little doses such as the 25 mg or the 50 mg dose to the medium doses such as the 100 mg dose which is also taken to be the standard dose up to the higher doses such as the 150 mg and the 200 mg dose.

Containing the same generic ingredient means that you can have the same effects.

Sildenafil is a natural PDE-5 hormone inhibitor that will block the action of the PDE-5 hormones in the body to increase the flow of blood to the penile tissues.


Third, on the list,Vidalista contains generic Tadalafil which is more of a vigorously acting ingredient than generic Sildenafil.

Although manufactured by the same pharma company Centurion Laboratories you can expect the Vidalista doses to be recommended only by a doctor as this is a prescription medicine too just like the ones before.

With Tadalafil you can expect the effects to remain as long as 36 hours on the higher doses. Even the lower doses such as the 2.5 mg or the 5 mg dose can sustain easily up to more than 24 hours a day.


But remember that being more vigorous in action means that you can also overdose on Vidalista quite easily and the side effects can also be more intensive.

Super P Force

Unlike the medicines mentioned above Super P Force is quite a unique medicine in the sense that it works and the action that you get.

Unlike just Sildenafil this brand manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. contains two generic ingredients named Sildenafil which you can guess by now is used for curing ED and the other one Dapoxetine which is used for avoiding premature ejaculations.

Super P Force is one of a unique kind of medicine with dual effects. Its best suited mostly for the elderly people who have ED and cannot also control ejaculations after penetration.

You should use the Super P Force pills only once the same has been recommended to you by a doctor.


Coming from yet another generic Tadalafil group of generic medicines the Tadalista brand also contains generic Tadalafil.

With the characteristics same as that of any other generic Tadalafil-containing pill this is one of the highly recommended brands even outside India such as the US.

With Tadalista you can also get a range of doses such as 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg which is the highest dose.  

The pill has a unique name called the Weekend Pill because of the long-lasting effects on your erections.

Similar to the other ED pills you can get erections due to higher penile blood flow.

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Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra Oral Jelly is another unique type of ED pill. That unlike the previous ones mentioned here is not from an oral ingesting type of medicines.

The pills just have to be kept in your mouth similar to the way you will have jelly candy. Containing generic Sildenafil at 100 mg per pill the ingredient will mix slowly. The saliva in your mouth before mixing with the blood later.

It normally works faster than the usual oral type swallowing pills. The waiting time for the Kamagra Oral Jelly pill is much lower at around 15-20 minutes. The manufacturers Ajanta Pharma have found out a unique way for the ED pills. With tasty flavors that you must give a try.


This is the first medicine in the list that neither contains Sildenafil or Tadalafil. Rather it contains a unique and not known generic substance named Vardenafil.

Each pill of Vilitra is enough to last you for 12 hours.

The standard dose for Vilitra is at 20 mg which should be enough for all ED patients. Like the previous ones on the list, this is also a prescription medicine.


The Indian Pharma behemoth Cipla Inc. is the legal manufacturer and owner of the brand name Sildalist.

Yet another brand of pills from the Sildenafil group is similar in action to the other generic Sildenafil-containing pills.

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