Few Reasons Why American Parents Are More Inclined Towards European Formula For Their Babies

As a parent you there won’t be a single thing left to ensure the health and wellness of your baby. When it comes to feeding, you would want to give your baby the best nutrition. To give them the best baby formula that has the right amount of wholesome ingredients that would help in your baby’s development. Typically, there are two types of formulas available for babies,  that is European formula and American formula. European formula is widely used across the globe for an infant.

Why are American baby formulas not a choice for many moms?

As American formulas have the same ingredient as there are very less manufacturers for it. It contains preservatives and added color and flavor so it can cause harm to the health of your baby. 

Why has European baby formula gained popularity?

The popularity of European formula for babies has been increasing for many years among American parents. You might be confused as to what to choose for your infant as you might be new to the milk formulas. European formulas might be the healthiest option for infants as these formulas contain 99% natural ingredients which do not cause any harm to your baby.

 All the ingredients in this baby formula are organically grown and GMO-free. GMO is the main cause, why your baby might have allergic reactions. It does not contain any artificial sweeteners or carrageenan. As carrageenan is banned completely in European baby formula. Even it is good for digestion.

European baby formula had achieved more popularity among American parents, here are few reasons why American parent loves the European formula for their babies

  1. Tastes like breast milk

European baby formulas have the same ingredient that is present in breast milk. Lactose is the carbohydrate that is present in breast milk. Hence, the European formula is like breast milk.

2.  They contain organic ingredients

Breast milk is sweet in taste because of the presence of the main ingredient which is carbohydrate lactose. Even European formulas contain lactose; many other formulas have a presence of sucrose which is difficult to digest and may lead to obesity. The European Union in 2009 banned the use of sucrose in the baby formula due to concern of overfeeding and obesity in babies. European formulas are made with organic ingredients which are safer for your babies. The best formulas such as HOLLE are made with milk from biodynamic farms, which mean they are organic and pesticide-free.

3.  Strict manufacturing guidelines

European formulas possess high standards for organic ingredients. They do not contain any kinds of pesticides and chemicals as they abide by specific and strict requirements of their formulas. As European baby formulas possess high standards than American baby formula manufacturers, American parents are more inclined towards the European baby formula.

Europe possesses strict guidelines for the production of baby formula and they do not allow fructose, sucrose, glucose, rice syrup, corn syrup, or carrageenan as an ingredient in the baby formula, hence it comes in the pure form.

5. They come in different stages

The European baby formula comes into two different stages, stage 1 is “Infant formula” given to the babies after birth till the introduction to the solid foods that are between 4 to 6 months of age. And stage 2 is “follow on the formula” for the infants of 6 months until a year of age, that is when they start consuming solid foods.

6. They can be purchased online with fast shipping.

As this formula has gained wide popularity, it is now easily available as their production has increased. Sometimes supermarkets may not possess a wide range of products of baby formula. You can buy it online as every online store has the availability of the milk formula and provides fast shipping across the globe.

Few alternatives in ingredients for European formula for Babies

Some parents are vegetarians, so they would opt for an option of milk formula that does not contain fish oil. There are many brands which produce a formula that does not contain fish oil and instead there will be goat’s milk in it.

Goat’s milk is nutritious not for an infant, but also for young and adults. Goat’s milk is similar to breast milk while cow’s milk contains whey and casein type of proteins which are difficult to digest for the sensitive digestive system of your baby.

Hence, European baby formula is an excellent choice for your baby fulfilling the nutritional requirements of your baby

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