Fashion Jewelry – Mistakes to Avoid & Keep It Long-Lasting

Fashion Jewelry – Mistakes to Avoid & Keep It Long-Lasting

Having an amazing jewelry collection is one thing and keeping it for longer use is another. Both need a vigilant approach because you cannot have everything you like for so many reasons and so does your purchased ornaments may not stay with you longer – for so many reasons. Well, it’s great to get the pieces of your choice. But often they get damaged and you don’t want this for your precious pieces like custom silver jewelry. 

It usually happens when women know how to buy and wear jewelry, but pays no-to-minimum attention to how to keep it. So, if you don’t want the age of your ornaments decreased you must avoid the commonly observed mistakes mentioned below. 

Not Storing in The Right Way
All important and precious things you own need special care. And, it all begins with how you keep them safe at appropriate places. Your jewelry needs proper storage and if you fail in doing so it will be detrimental to their appearance and reduce the lifetime. Certainly, you don’t want weathered pieces and hence, you must ensure to save the precious ornaments from free-flowing air and humidity in particular.

Use separate boxes for each jewelry type – gold in one, custom silver jewelry in another and so on. Even if you want to use a single, big box to place them all at one place, make isolated portions for each type – necklaces, rings, etc., to prevent them from scratching, tangling and getting damaged.

No Cleaning at Regular Intervals
Not only is your healthcare important, the things you own also need to be cleansed and disinfected. Especially, amidst the covid-19 pandemic you need to be extra careful. You must clean everything you use and wear and your jewelry is no exception. Even in normal days fashion jewelry needs proper cleaning – not daily, but after a week or two.

It depends on your jewelry material, how you store it and how long you wear it. All these factors play a vital role in grime and dirt accumulation on the pieces you regularly wear. Use mild detergent or soap for a gentle wash. Better clean your jewelry every few weeks and if not, then even once a month.

Exposure to Chemicals And Water 
Often people think materials like gold do not tarnish if not removed under water. The fact is that even fine jewelry regardless of the material eventually starts losing original condition when exposed to water for a longer period. Keep wearing your jewelry in water is a surefire way to its ultimate damage. Certainly, you do not want this to happen. Hence, you must remove your precious ornaments while taking hot baths, swimming, and doing dishes to mention a few.

The chemicals in our bathing and washing products can weaken even the gold and silver sterling material and discolor the fashion accessories. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take them off in the water and increase their life line.

Last but not the least is to have a pretty good collection but do not go after each piece you see. More is not always better. Stay low key and pick the items according to the occasions – wearing a lot of jewelry will turn you into a tacky person – minimalism is the key, today.   

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