Farmtrac Tractor Range with Specifications and Price

Farmtrac tractor is the most liked tractor in India. It’s manufactured with all the useful qualities which every farmer wants in their tractor. Farmtrac tractors are highly productive and provide effective performance on the field. It is built according to the Indian areas and weather. They always produced tractors that farmers can buy easily; they care about their customers; that’s why they supplied products at an affordable price range. 

Farmtrac India belongs to the Escorts Agri Machinery, a production unit under the parent group of Escorts. The tractor of Farmtrac is versatile and durable and commonly used in crops like wheat, rice, sugarcane, and others. These tractors have high levels of performance and reliability, which help the company establish itself powerfully in the tractor market. It is useful for the garden, paddy field, upland field, orchard, and farmstead. They are fuel-efficient, and this minimizes the farmer’s budget. 

Popular Farmtrac Tractor Models

It has several features that make it popular among farmers. So, Below we are showing Popular Tractor Models of Farmtrac:- 

Farmtrac 6050 Executive Ultramaxx

Farmtrac 6050 Executive Ultramaxx is a 50 hp, three-cylinder tractor with advanced features. The Farmtrac tractor 6050 comes with advanced features such as less fuel consumption, heavy lifting capacity, large fuel tank, Constant mesh transmission system, power steering, and powerful engine. It comes with 1800 kg heavy lifting capacity means it can push and pull useful implements. It has a Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brake that gives the tractor high grip and low slippage.

For customers convenience, this model comes with accessories like tools, bumper, ballast weight, TopLink, canopy, and drawbar. Farmtrac 6050 4×4 price is reasonable and affordable. Price of Farmtrac 6050 Executive Ultramaxx is Rs. 7.60-8.10 Lac. 

Farmtrac Champion 42

Farmtrac Champion 42 is the popular tractor model in the range of 40 – 45 HP tractor. It comes with many excellent features like Water Cooled system, fuel efficiency, economic mileage, and many more. This 42 hp tractor offers Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes for safety and dual-clutch that provide smooth and easy functioning. 

It has a power steering feature that provides the tractor easy control and fast response. It gives a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1500 kg for pull and pushes heavy implements to make farming fields productive. Farmtrac Champion 42 has a 50 litres fuel tank capacity that provides long hours in the area and saves money. Farmtrac tractor 42 hp price Rs. 5.25-5.50 Lac. 

Farmtrac Champion 39

Farmtrac Champion 39 is 39 hp, three cylinders tractor. It consists of all the quality and has a unique launch of the Farmtrac company. It offers Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brake that gives high grip and low slippage. The Champion 39 comes with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse constant mesh and centre shift gearboxes.

The Champion 39 has a bunch of unique features such as hi-tech transmissions system, Single Drop Arm steering, Center Shift, advanced hydraulic system and many more that make it favourite of every farmer. Its design and style is another notable attraction point for farmers. Farmtrac tractor 39 hp price is Rs. 4.90-5.20 Lac.  

Farmtrac 45

Farmtrac 45 is a perfect 45 hp tractor model with 3-cylinders and has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse full constant mesh gearboxes. The advanced 2868 CC powerful engine and Engine Rated RPM 2000 makes it a robust tractor for farmers. It comes with multi-plate oil-immersed disc brakes that allow the relaxed drive. 

Farmtrac 45 hp provides single / dual-clutch (optional) for speed versatility and at the same time helps to increase agricultural productivity to a great extent. Further, heavy-duty automatic depth and draft control hydraulic lift facilities make it better to perform on the flat as well as rugged land surfaces. Farmtrac tractor 45 price is Rs. 5.70 Lac – 6.20 Lac. 

Farmtrac 45 Executive Ultramaxx – 4WD

Farmtrac 45 Executive Ultramaxx – 4WD is the best tractor of 47 HP range. It is a powerful tractor of Powertrac company that has all the standard features to increase productivity. It has 8 Forward + 8 Reverse gearboxes that control the speed of the tractor. The 45 Executive Ultramaxx tractor manufactured with oil-immersed brakes and mechanical/power (optional) steering type that is the best combination for buyers. 

Additionally, it comes with a heavy hydraulic lifting capacity of 1600 Kg, which is appropriate for all the farm equipment, and it can also easily install the implements. It offers some unique features such as Reverse Synchro Shuttle, Side Shift transmission system, Independent Clutch, etc. to make farming productive. It also offers accessories including tools, TopLink, canopy, hook, bumper, drawbar. The Farmtrac tractor price is Rs. 6.90-7.40 Lac. 

Farmtrac company has 1000 plus certified dealers across India and 1200 Plus sales service outlets. In many ways, the Farmtrac always proves that it is an excellent tractor in India. It always works for the betterment of farmers. It is still to try to make customers satisfied and happy. These qualities will show why farmers always choose a force tractor for farming work.

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