5 Best Fantasy Movies Of All Time- 2021 Updated

Fantasy is something that lets you dream and gives you the feeling of non-existing things. The fantasy world is taking you away from the real world and your regular life chaos. You can live your dreams once again after reading our favorite bedtime stories.

 Every type of movie has something special to learn. Suppose if you are a business entrepreneur, you can learn the real-life struggles of any business entrepreneur from the business movies.

Then one question is very obvious: what can I learn from fantasy movies?

Fantasy movies are like oxygen. The regular work and hectic schedule make us tired, but when after seeing the fantasy movies, the imaginations of fairyland are becoming real, and we start to feel relaxed. Most movie viewers think Fantasy movies are for children only, but the beautiful pictures and the strong story scripts make these movies widely accepted among all age viewers.

Hollywood is making many good fantasy movies that are beyond the viewer’s expectations. These movies are for all ages people as these movies are not only for the well-written script. The beautiful animation and the beautiful picturization are other attractive features of these fantasy movies. If you want to see the best magic movies, you will get multiple choice movies that fully fantasy magical movies, and the movies’ pictures are just outstanding.

5 Best Fantasy Movies Of All Time

Fantasy movies are for every age of people. Hollywood’s best magic movies are for everyone, from children to adults. Everyone likes Fantasy movies because of their beautiful animation and robust storyline.

So here is a list of top-five fantasy movies of all time.

1. Clash Of The Titans

The clash of the Titans is the fantasy movie of 2010. It was a remake of a movie from 1981. The story is based on the Greek mythological character demi-god Perseus, the son of Zeus. Louis Leterrier directed the 2010 movie, and the lead role of Perseus is played by Sam Worthington, and the character of Zeus is played by Liam Neeson. If you see the magic movies on netflix, then this movie is placed at the top of the list.

Plot: The movie plot is based on the war between the mortals and the immortals. The Perseus is a demi-god, Half human and half god, the son of Zeus. The brother of the Zeus Hades is releasing the demon Craken to win the war against the mortals. And to stop this war, Zeus requests her son to save the world from the Kraken. This is the base storyline of the clash of the Titans.


Viewers Score:87%

2. How To Train Your Dragon

The dragon is one of the permanent members of our wild imagination. This movie is the perfect fantasy movie, which makes us feel like a child again. The beautiful bonding between a boy and his pet dragon is the basic storyline. The movie is directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois.This is one of the best magic movies for the kids.

Plot: The Vikings must kill a dragon in his lifetime. And here, Hiccup is the son of the chief. The killing is becoming a compulsory task. The hiccup is just doing the opposite of the task. He is developing a good bond with one dragon, and he wants to train him as his pet. The unconditional love and bond between the Toothless and the Hiccup making the movie the most memorable child movie of all time.


Viewers Score:93%

3. The Shape Of Water

The shape of water is the Oscar-nominated movies and Golden Lion Award winner movie of 2017. The Shape of Water was screened at the 74th Venice International Film Festival. This movie is the perfect balance between a romantic relationship and a fantasy world. Guillermo del Toro directs the movie, and the lead role is played by Sally Hawkins (Elisa). And the amphibian man is played by the Dough Jones.

Plot: The story started with Elisa, a sweet lonely mute girl who is living in her dream world. She works in an experimental facility as a janitor. There she has fallen in love with an amphibian creature. This amphibian creature is held captive for scientific experiments. The bond between the two is fully magical, and these amphibian creatures have a unique magical quality.

 Year: 2018

Viewers Score: 80%

4. Lord Of The Rings

The best magic moves list is incomplete without the lord of the rings series. The unique story and the beautiful, magical moments, and the communications between the human, Elves, and the dwarfs are the most interesting part of the story. The movie is directed by Peter Jackson and based on the novel of J. R. R. Tolkien.

Plot: The story starts with finding a ring by a hobbit teenager. The ring is the source of all dark power; everyone wants to have the ring to capture all dark power. The lord of rings script is written on the journey of the hobbits towards saving the world from the dark power of the dark lord Sauron, and the journey of the hobbits is the most interesting part of the movies.

Year: 2002(First Part)

Viewers Score:86%

5. Warcraft

When we are discussing the top magic movies, the list is ending with the name of the movie Warcraft. The lead role is played by Travis Fimmel. The film is based on the fantasy world where few humans are the ultimate survivor of the earth. This movie is directed by Duncan Jones. This movie is a great combination of action, adventure, and fantasy.

Plot: The story starts with a very few human survivors of the earth who are teaming up with a group of dissenting Orcs. And this group wants to stop an Orc horde who are invading from a separate planet through a magical portal.


Viewers Score:85%


The magical fantasy movies are favorite to everyone; these Hollywood movies are all getting a high score rate from the viewers. Fantasy movies are the way from where we can get the taste of our weird fantasy and the magic. From our heart, we all have one wired imagination like Alice, and we all want to see one day a rabbit in a waistcoat.

Fantasy movies are giving us the taste and feel of the wired imaginary world. These movies are all-time favorites among all age people because of their good picturization, animations, and most importantly, the story scripts.

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