Factors to Weigh in Fastpitch Bats for Sale

Any two given fastpitch bats for sale could be as different as night and day. Any two different softball players could be as different as night and day. Different players have different skills, strengths, and weaknesses and that means that one player might like a slower, end-loaded bat for heavy hits while another would prefer a lighter, more nimble bat for precision or just to get on base. There are a lot of things to look for in fastpitch bats, and until you know exactly that your staples are as a player, it can be tough to pick out one model. In any event, start here when shopping for fastpitch softball bats and make these key considerations.

Weight and Balance
The weight, balance, and weight drop of a bat are going to impact its performance and capability significantly. In fact, all other things being equal, weight drop might affect a bat’s’ capabilities more than any other single factor.

All things being equal (although they rarely are) a heavier bat is going to be capable of stronger, harder hits because it can transfer more energy from a swing into a ball. Lighter bats might be less capable of delivering that energy but at the same time can offer a lot of nimbleness and agility for players to make quick, short, precise hits in order to get on base.

Stiffness vs Flexibility
Flexible bats tend to load up really well in order to deliver serious hits, so a flexible end-loaded bat can be a good option for power hitters. By contrast, a stiff bat might not be as good for energy transfer but it might be a good option for players with higher swing speeds because the extra speed can help atone for lesser energy load. In addition, a stiffer bat in many ways may be more responsive and easier to control than a flexible bat, which is also something to think about.

Forgiveness vs Precision
Some of the best bats out there are the wood bats that professionals use. They have smaller sweet spots and are less tolerant of abuse and mishits than most composite bats, but when you key in on that sweet spot you can really kill a pitch. That being said, it takes a lot of skill to use one of these. They are precise, but not very forgiving. There are other bats out there with larger sweet spots that are more forgiving, but by the same token they can’t provide the same results

Compression and Durability
Compression is one of the factors that will affect the kind of performance that a softball bat can deliver. In general, the more compression a bat allows through its sweet spot, the more energy it will rebound back into the ball. This can influence the durability of the bat while being influenced by it. You may very well want a tough, forgiving bat that can hang with you season after season, but you may also want a bat that provides a lot of compression through the barrel.

These are only a few of the things to look out for when you are evaluating the many different fastpitch bats for sale that you will come across. If you need any help shopping or want some more in-depth information on some of them, visit HB Sports at HeadbangerSports.com. They not only are ready with the information, but they carry a ton of brands and models, like Louisville Slugger, Marucci bats, and even popular Easton models like the Easton Ghost. If you need a broad selection of bats for fastpitch softball to key in on what works for you, make sure to visit HB Sports today.

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