10 Factors to Consider when Hiring Floor Installer

Who doesn’t love to have great flooring at home? To have an exquisite flooring in the interior space, you just don’t need to choose the most stunning and expensive flooring material, rather you would also need to have the best and most experienced floor installer that understands the technicalities of installing different flooring. And since, floor installation isn’t a cheap project; you need to make sure you hire the right floor installer for the job.

Here in this blog, we have come up with some important factors you need to consider when hiring a floor installer. So, let’s begin our list;

· Certification and License

Floor installation is a certified trade and thereby, any flooring installer working should have valid and proper certification and license from the relevant authority; as a means to back up their skills and competence. However, this doesn’t mean that there are competent unlicensed floor installers, however, the relevance and skills of unlicensed installers would remain a myth for you until you try them on and we are sure that you wouldn’t want to experiment with your home floor installation, right?

Various national organizations are working in the flooring and skill trade industry offering accreditation and relevant certificates to individuals and floor installation companies for their skills and competence. Thereby, if you aren’t sure about the expertise and skills of a floor installer contractor, you can always ask them about the certification of competence to be sure.

Remember, floor installation is not only an expensive project. Thereby, you only need to hire the best floor installation contractor who understands all the technicalities of the job and assure you of the highest-quality works. Thereby, you should only choose licensed and certified contractors to be sure about the quality and integrity of the work.

· Industry Referrals

It’s always reassuring to have industry referrals for any professional trade. Most of the experienced and apt floor installer contractors have strong industry connections and get recommended for their competence. You can ask for referrals with the flooring manufacturers or retailers, as they often have established connections with competent installers who can deliver the work with quality Wood Floor Refinishing NJ.

· Flexibility

Another important factor is the flexibility of the floor installer contractor. Whether you are looking for floor installation at home or worksite, a flexible contractor can help you keep up with your home environment or the worksite operations by offering a flexible working schedule agreed mutually. You may not consider it as important at first, this is an important factor that gives you peace of mind during the operations.

· Warranty

You should be looking at the warranty that covers the flooring products, while also guaranteeing the quality of service. The warranty is important as it won’t just secure your investment but also assure you of the operations and craftsmanship for floor installation. Thereby, the next time you look around for a floor installation contractor; make sure it offers a comprehensive warranty.

· Good Communication Skills

A competent floor installer will have reasonable communication skills; necessary to build trust and relationship with clients. Communication skills are also important to ensure that clients are delivered all the right information that they need to know about the service. Also, make sure the company or individual you choose as the floor installer has multiple communication channels to keep in touch with the clients. You would ideally need a floor installer who’s courteous, transparent, and open in communication skills. Lastly, just make sure the person or contractor you hire receives your phone call every time or get back to you ASAP to give satisfactory answers to your queries and concerns.

· Experience

You won’t want an inexperienced floor installer working at your home or business, right? Floor installation is a specialized trade and needs years of professional experience and certification to master. Thereby, when you are looking to choose a floor installer make sure the person/contractor has relevant experience and skills to deliver a reliable and high-quality job. The easiest way to assess the experience is by reviewing online testimonials for the contractor/person. There is various third-party review platforms where you will testimonials of previous clients. Give those reviews a quick look and you will be able to understand the experience and level of service offered by any flooring installer.

· Versatility

Well, this may not be the most obvious consideration but if you are looking for a long term relationship with the floor installation contractor, it’s good to partner up with a versatile team that brings a whole set of solutions to the table. To give you an idea, once you are done with floor installation you may need a carpet installation service or a tile installation service at another facility. By hiring a versatile floor installation contractor, you will have access to a reliable team that can save you a lot of stress and hassle in the future.

· Work Samples 

It is always good to check the previous working of the company before you hand over your project. While most floor installation contractors will maintain an online site with previous projects mentioned, you should check out the details of each project individually; just to be sure of the quality and level of service.

· Ask Questions

There is no shame in asking the right questions with the floor installers; not just to check their competence but also to get more information about the service. 

Here are some questions that you must ask from the contractor:

  • The timeline for project completion
  • The flooring material required for the project
  • Total manpower that will be working on the project
  • Similar project they have completed in the past

· Clean Up and Disposal

Lastly, just make sure the contractor you hire is courteous enough to clean up the site after the job is completed. Ask them in advance if they will be cleaning the site including the plan to dispose of old flooring. Each state or city has its own set of rules and regulations about disposal methods and thereby, the contractor needs to comply with those regulations.

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