Factors Affecting Interpersonal Communication

We live in a very fast-paced world. Our world today relies on first impression, micro-second interactions, and instant replies. In this world, where everything is done online and people lack use Instant Chat Messengers for quick communication, and lack the patience to wait and react properly, the skill of conducting effective interpersonal communication is something that is not only deeply necessary, but a need of the day too. So, from us here at NEEO Messenger, here are some tips on dealing with the factors that affect interpersonal communication, and how to use those factors to your own advantage.

Cultural Differences and Communication Gap

The first factor affecting your interpersonal communication skills is your culture. As most of us know, and it’s okay if you don’t, culture is basically a shared set of values and beliefs. Culture plays a massive role in how people talk to one another. If your culture is same as the person you are talking to, you will not have any problems getting your ideas across and making them understand your point of view. However, if your culture is different from someone, then you will have a problem.

If you are talking to someone from a different culture, you will probably not know their customs, beliefs, and value systems. Therefore, you might inadvertently say something that they might offensive or unsavory. Similarly, since the other person is not aware of your culture, they might say something that may rub you off the wrong way. However, don’t fear. Our Instant Chat Messenger App, NEEO Messenger, removes this hurdle from your way. If you use our app, you will not have this problem. Our app contains a feature called NEEO social which allows you to look at other people’s profiles, their likes, dislikes, and by extension their culture, before you talk to them.

Power Imbalances in Interpersonal Communication

Do you remember talking to your teachers in school? Do you remember how those interactions went? Or better yet, do you recall talking to your elder siblings and how small they made you feel? If you look at your interactions with people older than you or those who are in a position of privilege as compared to you, you will realize that when interpersonal communication happens, there is almost always a power gap between the two parties involved.

Power gap means that the person you are having a conversation with holds more weight at their end than you do, and due to this fact, they are able to control the narrative of the conversation taking place. This inequality hinders good, effective interpersonal communication. However, there is a way around this.

As stated earlier, given that most communication these days happens online, the barrier of the internet cancels out the power imbalance. Using our NEEO Messenger app, you can communicate effectively with your paramour, without feeling the power imbalance, because the two of you will be talking on an online platform that makes you both feel equal.

Language Barriers and Getting Lost in Translation

One of the biggest factors affecting interpersonal communication is the language barrier. Imagine you are a small business owner, conducting your business online. You want to expand your business so you can deal with clients all over the world. But you can’t do that because you only know two to three languages. What then? Well, we have a solution to this problem. Our Instant Chat Messenger App, NEEO Messenger has a very nifty little secret – our app allows you to translate your real time text and voice chat in more than 100 languages.

This means you can be sitting in Pakistan, running a small online export business, and you can easily talk to someone based in Russia or Prague, without the hassle of jumping through the hurdle of getting separate translation softwares for each language, or dealing with broken, hard to understandable English. Not only is app super-fast in translating text and voice notes, it also makes your life so much easier.

In the olden days, people might have technology a horrible blight. However, now, it is a force to be reckoned with. Previously, technology was said to have divorced us from one another, now, it has brought us all together. No matter where we come from, what language we speak, what color, caste, or creed we belong to, we are united under the tapestry of technology. And it is because of this technology that our interpersonal communication has gotten so much better. So, keeping all this information and the features of our NEEO Messenger, feel free to communicate with whoever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. The world is your oyster!

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