Facial Threading To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hairs

If you choose to remove those unwanted hairs and ‘peach fuzz’ from your face, and you don’t want to consider dermaplaning, then facial threading is the answer to all your concerns. Preferred by a large number of fashion icons, it is one of the best ways to get rid of facial hair for more than four weeks.

A glowing complexion, perfectly crafted brows and a perfect plain canvas for your makeup base; the list of pros are endless. As threading is mostly standard for eyebrows, it can be somewhat noted that it is also a highly preferred way of removing hair from the entire face.

Threading is an ancient technique that originated in India, which is why most Indian women have those pointy, well-crafted eyebrows. When correctly done, it gives natural-looking groomed brows that will stay way longer than other hair removal methods.

What are the benefits of threading?

Threading can have many benefits as it can be done on eyebrows, upper lips, forehead and sideburns.

● Hygienic and irritation-free
● More precise than other methods
● Quick and fast
● Painless

How is it done?

Before starting the process, you will be asked what shape you need to give your brows and what areas of the face you want to remove hairs. Proper control over facial skin is required for the perfectly sculpted and unharmed brows.

Unlike tweezing, more hair can be removed at once without making the process much painful. Trained facial threading practitioners can perform the procedure at a rapid speed. The thread tweezes out all the hairs from roots so that it lasts longer. It is far less painful than waxing or plucking. A cotton ball is used to remove excess hair from the face for better movement of thread. It results in perfectly shaped brows and a cleaner looking face.

Keep everything clean

Never let your professional perform threading on your face with a dirty hand, as it will not be suitable for your skin. Threading achieved with dirty hands can lead to the transfer of bacteria from their hand to your face leading to pimples and acne on your face. Cleaning hands is just not sufficient as one also needs to sanitise the thread.

Refrain from booking appointments during that time of the month

Threading can be a bit of a rippy situation for your face, not necessarily painful, but if you get your eyebrows done at that time of your month— the pain perception is much higher on those days than on the other days. The skin becomes more sensitive and you will feel more pain than on your regular days.

Set your brow goals before getting your brows done

You might have aimed for some pro-level brows, and everything might also be appropriately sanitised, but your technician is not a mind reader. Ensure that you convey everything to your technician; what kind of brows do you want, or do you want to do your upper lips section, or chin, or cheeks. If you’re going to go for full face threading, you still have to explain to them about your eyebrow goals.

Prep your skin well and take aftercare seriously

It can be effortless to go for your threading process, but you have to take care of your skin before and after threading. It is recommended not to perform any activity that can increase the blood and heat to your skin surface as it can increase the possibility of any bad reaction and breakout.

● Don’t get any laser treatment done on your face when you have already done or are going to do threading.
● Avoid tweezing your face before going to the beautician as it can make things hard for her and might stimulate the growth of ingrown hairs.
● Don’t use any exfoliator after the process as it will overly exfoliate your skin and make everything worse.
● Avoid going to swimming pools, sauna, and indirect sunlight for the best results.
● Fake tanning and wearing makeup is also not suggested till 24 hours after the threading process.
● Avoid hot showers and masking your face.

Don’t try to do it yourself

Until you are a regular threader or dextrous at this task, do not try to do this yourself. It is not to be mentioned that doing it yourself can be a logistical nightmare for your face until you are an expert. Visit a nearby professional salon to get threaded and remove those unwanted hairs.

Summing up

Threading is extremely safe and gentle, preferred for all skin types from sensitive to oily; everyone can be benefited from it without any side effects. Other hair removal methods might have a side effect added with them, but threading is free from any side effects. Additionally, it is also believed that hair growth becomes thinner after a few facial threading sessions and is less visible. None of any harsh chemicals is used during the process, which is a priority for most people.

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