Facebook Removes 790 QAnon Groups to Fight Conspiracy Theory

Social networks also reported that in 1950 another conspiracy group restricted 440 Facebook pages and more than 10,000 Instagram accounts. I heard that Facebook removed 790 QAnon groups from the site and restricted another 1950 groups, 440 pages and more than 10,000 Instagram accounts.

This counteracts rushing movements.

Facebook removal has followed QAnon’s record-breaking growth on the site since the launch of the coronavirus pandemic in March. According to data compiled by The New York Times, activity on QAnon, the largest social network of likes, comments and posts, has increased by 200-300% in the last 6 months.

In that statement, Facebook blocked # Digital Army and # Storm, including hashtags # QAnon.

Actions less than three months before the November presidential election have raised concerns at QAnon. Founded four years ago, QAnon was once a global conspiracy against devil-worshiping pedophiles, with children all over the world trying to oppose President Trump while managing trafficking links. did. It was a phenomenon related to the believers who claimed to work.

But in the last few months, this movement has become mainstream. Follower Q, the shadow figure of QAnon, appeared at the political rally. Some people use violence in the name of the movement, and members of the group grow up in politics. Georgia-backed QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Green may have won the Republican primary this month and may be elected to the House in November.

At a press conference in the White House on Wednesday, Trump was asked what he thinks about QAnon’s theory of saving him the world from cannibalism with pedophiles. High-tech companies are stepping up efforts to curb QAnon’s persistent use of social media in response to growing activity.

Last month Twitter announced the removal of thousands of QAnon accounts. This will prevent non-QA related trends and keywords from appearing in the search and swing sections. Reddit bans some QAnon content forums and the TikTok video app bans some QAnon related content. hashtag.

A YouTube spokeswoman said YouTube “closed hundreds of Q-related channels because it regularly removed QAnon content that contained tens of thousands of Q-related videos and violated community guidelines.” For this reason.

Facebook is increasingly concerned about QAnon’s existence in May, said two employees who knew they weren’t allowed to speak publicly.

At that time, the QAnon group spurred a video production called “Plandemic”. In this video, untrusted scientists are enthusiastic about social media and disseminate unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. New members have also started joining the QAnon Facebook group if you want more info check Apk Finds.

QAnon has expanded to the real world. On May 1, a woman was arrested in New York for “killing” Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden Jr., who had dozens of knives in a car, according to QAnon’s theory. …Last year, the group was involved in more than 12 violent incidents, including train hijacking. Last month, QAnon supporters struck a car at a Canadian residence.

Coupled with online activity and a sharp increase in real-life incidents, Facebook has begun to discuss policy changes aimed at limiting the spread of QAnon, according to two employees. However, the conversation was stalled because deleting non-guaranteed groups, pages, and accounts could affect the conspiracy theory of traffic that social media companies are trying to silence.

Dr. Marc Andre Argentino, a candidate studying QAnon, said part of the problem was QAnon taking over Pantheon from another member of the conspiracy group. If Facebook deletes the group, you can still find a foothold on other Facebook networks.

It is unclear how effective removal of social media companies will be due to QAnon’s restrictions. On YouTube, after watching one QAnon video, you may see additional QAnon videos. Members are still posting some Reddit conspiracy theories. At TikTok, accounts promoting fake articles attract hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

A TikTok spokesman said that QAnon’s content contained “a lot of false information and malicious expressions that violate community guidelines” and that there were dozens of hashtags related to QAnon. It is being tracked. Was sent to. “People trying to break security with misspellings and new phrases are constantly updating the list,” she added.

Reddit did not respond to requests for comment.

Facebook said Wednesday it recalled the QAnon group as part of a new policy to curb the movement to discuss “potential violence.” In line with this policy, Facebook said it would also exclude 980 groups, including those related to the far left movement Antipah and those related to the militia movement and other protests.

The new policy also prohibits the purchase of ads on the platform. QAnon sells hats, T-shirts, banners and other products on Facebook through Facebook ads. Alethea Group’s Oletis said the suit against QAnon against Facebook is still insufficient. “It took the platform weeks or months to figure out what was going on,” she said.

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