Eyelash Glues and Removers – Why are they So Important?

If eyes are the window, eyelashes are their gatekeepers. They keep dust out of your peepers and give you a nice frame, and darker fuller lashes look. 

Eyelashes are a gorgeous addition to your glamorous look. They give fuller and thick beautiful lashes that are entirely worthwhile. It made us not only passionate admirers of it but also led to it’s suffering victims. Before moving for any eyelash glue application and removing it, it is essential to know its importance.

In the search for immense good looks, they have been turning a blind eye to take all precautions to prevent any possible damage. 

Like, we took care of all the beauty accomplishments. Lash extensions can also cause essential issues to consider for safe usage and application. 

Why is it important? 

The adhesive present in eyelash glue is a complex mix of chemical ingredients. These products are safe to use on your skin, but the close presence of false eyelashes in your eyes creates a huge risk. It can cause eye infections, pink eyes, and other eye health-related issues. 

What are the dangers of it?

Lash extensionglues have been rated among the most toxic in all beauty products. It contains high concentrations of chemicals such as formaldehyde. All the glues that are available on the market today have some harsh chemicals. Some ingredients can cause allergic reactions to your eye. 

When the eyelash glue is drying and setting in the process. It releases chemicals into the air that cause breathing issues and asthma-like symptoms. Now lash extension professionals claim that they do not have harsh chemical glue, but a light amount is always present there. It can cause some damage to your eyes.

You might think that a patch test before the application can help you detect such an allergy. But, most allergies develop about 24 to 48 hours after the glue is applied. Allergy can arise at any time, even if you are using the same glue for years. If you experience pain, redness, itching, or swelling around the eye area, then you can suspect an allergic reaction.

What are the main concerns of eyelash glue and removers?

Eyelash extension glue and extension remover the crucial element in the process of application. Two major concern of the lash extension services are:

  • Safe application of eyelash glue
  • The most suitable choice of glue

Additionally, both clients and technicians must have detailed information about the application. They should have good knowledge about the essential characteristic of eyelash extension glue and the glue-remover.  

In application, the glue should be a perfect shake for a couple of minutes, strong and durable for all types of eyelash extension fixes.

The remover should also dissolve the glue, which makes the eyelash extensions fall safely from the natural eyelashes. It will all be possible only if the technician has chosen a high-quality remover product with proper information and variety. 

Glue types like liquid, gel, or cream should be selected considering their duration, short or long time, 5-10 days, or 4-5 weeks. You should also note suitability to the client’s eyes and the skin types – sensitive or prone to allergies. 

The same holds for adhesive remover

Eyelash artists should keep a trustworthy remover in their salon. Clients will often come with leftover lashes that need to be taken off before applying a new full set. While others only want a lash extension for a special occasion, and they come for removal after four to six weeks are completed. These situations are common and occur regularly in most eyelash salons. These are some of the basic marketing tactics that help your customers build trust as they do not get any reaction with quality products.

It is so important to tell your client “not” to remove their lash extensions at home. It causes damage to their natural eyelashes! So guide them to come back to your salon for the quick and safe removal of lashes by professionals.

They should follow the expiry date; the storage and handling requirements strictly. Otherwise, chemical ingredients in glue and gel remover would damage the natural lashes, the eyes, and the surrounding skin zone. Any unopened or unused adhesive container will last about 6 months to 8 months; if appropriately stored and opened, it only lasts 1 month.  

The storage place for an adhesive should be a fridge or a cool, dry place without any direct sunlight. While for glue remover, it should be well ventilated, heat and flames free. Air humidity could affect the glue by making it hard. It means that it is worth considering air humidity in different places across the world. 

It is not less than a challenge for the adhesive and glue remover to make a careful and damage-free application of lash extensions on natural lashes. It includes a judgment of what amount is necessary for perfect fixation or for safe removal. And also how to put lashes to prevent contact with eyes and skin around them. 

Don’t neglect natural eyelash protection either

Moreover, in the case of glue remover, another important requirement is the evaluation of the exact time. The adhesive needs to dissolve for around 3 to 5 minutes. Overall you should keep in mind the importance of glue and glue remover. It is advisable that you avoid applying or removing either of them on your own. So the best decision will be to trust a highly-qualified specialist for lash extensions. Search lash extension near me and find a quality salon for your eyelash extensions or removal.

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