Explore the ways artists can leverage Instagram to promote their artwork and grow their reach 

It’s a foregone conclusion that Instagram has dramatically changed the promotional pathway for aspiring artists. It provides or sets up the illusion/imagery artists need for building up potential clients, a large audience, and general admirers. The platform cuts through the art market’s different edifices.

It’s the most influential and viable social media platform for traditional art fold, helping digital illustrators and artists showcase their skills. Since you require research hashtags in your niche pertaining to your medium and style, you need to find groups of 10 hashtags that cater to 10-30k, 30-50k, and 50-150k posts respectively.

  • Artists can use reels. You can impress your audience and drive them to your art-making endeavors to gain maximum exposure.
  • For a new audience, reels are quite new as well. There’s no need of editing your current IGTV videos because that’s a different form of content.
  • You won’t have much space in a 15-second long reel. Your video can be information or education. Don’t go overboard with tricks and tips. Make it succinct.
  • It’s nothing but free advertising. If you want to showcase your art in front of others, you can use reels to drive free traffic to your Instagram profile.

Branding and sales are different things, and we are focusing on the former here.

Promotion of your art

Connecting your Instagram with your FB account is elementary. It provides you with some fantastic insights and features. This integration helps you in understand your Instagram modality better.

Regardless of the size of your brand, you need to use relevant and popular hashtags. They are an integral part of the photo-sharing process with people who may not necessarily be from your niche market.

  • If you have a montage post, you can use hashtags like #montageart, #montage, #modernmontage, or #Americanmontage.
  • You can tap people looking for similar items. They will click on these hashtags and discover your art.
  • It’s equally important to know about similar artists and find out their terms and technicalities.
  • You can also incorporate their hashtags into your content and examine the viability. It could potentially boost your reach and create more impressions on your account.

It’s an imperative to post high-quality pictures or videos of your art. Low-quality images ruin your vibe and impact. It also affects interpretations and impressionability. For example, if you’re using a decent mobile phone, activate the HDR mode. For digital collages, just ensure your images entail the highest resolution.

Their canvas dimension must fit into the highest sizes. Experts recommend 1080*1080 px at proper 200 DPI. Also, people tend to like square images more than the rectangular ones.

The hashtag ballgame

With the passage of time, more and more artists are finding Instagram an indispensable platform for marketing their art. So, while using hashtags, you need to leave some space. Hashtag blocks click well with your posts. However, it mustn’t distract your audience from your caption.

You can add breathable rooms with dashes or periods to segregate the hashtags from the initial text. The order can be caption first, spaces, and then the array of hashtags. Things can be simpler if you a dedicated program to form a series of compelling captions with the right spacing.

  • Posting your hashtags in the initial first comment section in place of the caption is another viable option.
  • Make sure you use active hashtags. Maintain variety and variation to sustain interest. It acts as spice.

Brands and artists need to vary their hashtags in accordance with their media features, exhibitions, work-in-progress, and galleries, and more. Hashtag blocks work perfectly with different scenarios.

You can keep changing your hashtags on the basis of medium, location, artists, style, color, and materials and subject.

Let your art prosper

It’s mandatory to make your feed catchy and beautiful. Since lighting is paramount, try to take pictures during daytime.

  • A room with white, clean walls can create wonders. Even if the room is well-lit during the night, you will still need to edit your videos or photos.
  • A great photo or video content fetches followers and if you want to increase the numbers on short notice, you can buy Instagram followers from reputable sites.
  • By enhancing the brightness of your photos, you can take your feed to another level. There’s no dearth of photo-editing apps to amplify your editing forte.

There are planning apps like Planoly that help in seeing and adjusting your profile before you upload your art on the platform.

  • Users love this app because they can use their computer and phone to optimize the application.
  • When you consider its additional features such as hashtag research, analytics, and posting calendar, the lure is even more.
  • It’s extremely important to follow other artists and art connoisseurs who respect and admire. Try to engage with them. The main goal is to build a supporting and thriving community.

It’s obvious that an artist needs to engage with and be present in the art community.  If you want people to notice you on Instagram, you cannot skip this step. Starting out is very simple. Keep liking and sharing many posts that are similar to your niche.

Helping budding illustrators

It’s extremely important to collaborate with other artists, especially the ones from the same niche. You could be a violin player and you needn’t necessarily collaborate with another violinist. Instead, you can make a collab video with a guitar or pianist, experiment with genres and produce a pathbreaking video.

  • In this way, you can tap the audience of that artist as well. Collaborations are a huge hit across social media spectrums.
  •  You can reach out to folks with a bigger follower base than you. You can request them to follow you and promise a follow back.
  •  You can also ask them to repost your content on their Stories.
  • Look for things that can bring more value to you and that person.

For instance, if you’re a painter, you can reach out to a digital artist or animator, offering him/her your piece. They can just work on your art and give vibrancy or motion to it.

With proper credits, you can engage more audiences & online businesses use videos. When it’s beneficial for both parties, there’s more chance of success.

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