Explore The Interesting And Beautiful City Mumbai Visiting Its Several Renowned Places

Explore Mumbai

Mumbai is a city with busy life. The City never sleeps because the city abounds in interesting places and there’s countless interesting and entertaining. You can derive pleasure as a nature lover in watching the sunset in any of the pleasing and beautiful walkways. Besides, you can relax yourself any of the beautiful spots that the city houses in the twilight hours. As a unique city, Mumbai offers unique experiences!

So, it’s better to explore at least some popular places in Mumbai. whether you are on the looks to explore the city and its parts that you want to enjoy, or it is that you are a lover of music and desire to enjoy the city’s music by taking part in musical concerts, or you may like to have a taste of the city’s multinational, sophisticated and classy culture, you can fulfil your desired wishes. Mumbai is also marked with Mumbai Escort Service to suit the need of its clients.

High-End Malls and Street Markets

The Bandra Road deserves exceptional significance in being the supreme shopping destination and presents you with the finest deals on clothes as well as shoes. Step you feet into the High-end Mall centers not excluding the street markets on weekends to come across and shop the most excellent varieties of tops as well as stylish shoes of different varieties according to your wants and at a super affordable price. Don’t forget to display your bargaining tactics and skills here.

Site: Bandra Hill Road

Time slots: 11am-9pm

Colaba Causeway

It’s the most important attraction with locals as well as tourists. This busy area deserves special mention being an active destination offering grand deals on the whole lot-Starting from the dresses and shirts to right to accessories and shoe at cheaper price rates. Again, you must show your bargaining skills here also. This area is somewhat exceptional because it offers one a comprehensive experience relating to Mumbai as a whole.

Location: Colaba

Time slots: 11am-10pm


Time and again, Mumbai has been regarded as one of the  top shopping hubs of India and all credit goes to Palladium. It is specially mention worthy in providing you with high-end brands, also high street labels like Zara and Sephora. You can also explore several eating jouints that the place has to offer you.

Place: Lower Parel

Advantage: You will be capable of coming across High Street Phoenix nearby.

Street food

Mumbai is famous for its street food. Suppose, you like to taste several non-vegetarian food items in abundance, then visit Mohammad Ali Road. Street foods are available from 11am to right 10 pm in the night. During special occasion like Ramdan the shops are open for extra hours. Besies, there are places offering traditional meal.

Juhu Beach

The Juhu beach is one of the attractive spots of scenic beauty with the vast expanse of the sea stretched out. Juhu beach is also noted for street food housing several eateries offering all things from vada pav, Shivpuri to coconut water not excluding Faluda. Monsoon comes and the demand for bhutta increases. Juhu also presents you with a different kind of entertainment with Juhu Escorts for means of different kinds of entertainment.

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