Existing Conditions Drawings for Structures

A set of existing conditions drawings for an existing structure are created from on-site measurements of the structure. The on-site measuring is sometimes loosely named as a survey. Once the structure is surveyed, the sphere measurements are used to produce a drawing of it.

Regularly we have a tendency to produce existing conditions drawings of high finish flats, residential homes, entire buildings, workplace areas and even parks and different outside areas too. Our people are a mix of Architects, Building homeowners & Building Managers, Engineers, Homeowners, Interior Designers and Realtors.

The first time that we have a tendency to act with a prospective consumer we have a tendency to unremarkably raise two queries right at the onset of our language. Those queries would be, “What does one charge?” and “When might you end and deliver the drawings?”

Existing Conditions provides architects with situational awareness and empower them with the arrogance to create sensible selections. Reckoning on the scope of a project, an architect could request a spread of existing conditions/as-built drawings.

When our architecture clients come back to us searching for precise existing conditions documentation, we have a tendency to use our advanced optical device scanning technology to produce them with what they have. We’ve measured and documented over two hundred million sq. feet of area.

Today, we have a tendency for discussing the foremost common drawings we produce for architects. However our clients aren’t solely architects. We have a tendency to conjointly work with engineers, building homeowners, and assets professionals moreover. Onceits architects we’re operating with, these are the five sorts of drawings they usually request.


Every discipline project has to begin with an accurate floor plan. This data provides you with the inspiration for several of the alternatives you’ll build going forward on the project. Not like a plan created with manual measurements, our optical device scanning technology leads to much more correct and precise data.

An existing conditions plan can embrace interior and exterior walls, windows and doors, and different visible structural parts. Once a consumer wants further details, we’re happy to incorporate them floor architectural plan or create a separate plan with that information.


Roof plans are needed for several as-built plans, and they’re particularly common for residential remodeling comes. To start, a roof arrange can generally define of the roof overlaid on prime of the building perimeter walls. Different roof structural details area unit typically additional, as well as valleys, hips, ridges, and pitch. Within the case of flat business roofs, instrumentality also can be enclosed within range.


An exterior elevation drawing provides a designer with a visible illustration of the building from the aspect, instead of a bird’s eye read. This includes everything from the bottom level to the height of the structure.

Exterior elevations, roof plans, and floor plans area unit the 3 drawings architects request the foremost, and typically they’re requested along. However there also are many different existing conditions drawings architects typically would like for his or her comes.


Also brought up as an RCP, a mirrored ceiling arrange is another sort of drawing our architects typically request. This drawing includes not solely the structure of the ceiling (including trays, soffits, coffers, and exposed beams), however conjointly any connected parts, like sprinklers, vents, and lighting.


Not each project needs as-built electrical plans, however they typically prove implausibly helpful, if not necessary. Electrical plans show any visible electrical instrumentality, as well as meters, transformers, outlets, panels, and information jacks, lights, and more.

On their own, every of those drawings provides an architect with precise data regarding the task at hand. Once used along, an architect has a fair a lot of comprehensive read of an existing structure. Starting off on the correct foot with the foremost correct, up-to-date data is important if you would like to avoid headaches down the road.

To find out regarding our optical device scanning and BIM documentation for architects and different industries, get to bear with Existing Conditions nowadays.

Existing-conditions drawings is also helpful within the following scenarios:

•        Building off of current MEP systems: whether or not you would like to expand ductwork for an existing centralized HVAC system otherwise you have to be compelled to add a brand new electrical zone for retailers of a renovation, your project is also dependent on current MEP systems.

•        No existing MEP drawings: If you don’t have existing MEP drawings, it should be not possible to renovate or rework. We are able to take measurements to render MEP drawings that capture the structure and infrastructure of your building. Oftentimes, MEP drawings area unit misplaced, the MEP infrastructure is modified because it is put in, or the MEP drawings is also inaccurate. Regardless, we are able to produce a group of drawings that accurately captures the conditions of your building, as is.

•        Remodeling details: As we have a tendency to mentioned, existing-conditions drawings area unit a lot of elaborate than their as-built counterparts. We are able to embrace all pertinent data necessary for your project.

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