Exciting trekking locations around Bangalore

The Bangalore city, the capital of Karnataka, is one of the happening cities. You can get a range of partying places and joints of various fine-dining out options. However, none of the city spots can rejuvenate you the way nature does. There are numerous hills around Bangalore in the radius of 50 -200 km. These hills are ideal for trekking, and you can enjoy the beautiful view when you reach the top of the hill. Here we have listed the top 8 trekking locations around Bangalore. So next time you plan to trek, pick the trekking location for the best weekend getaway.

1. Madhugiri Hill

Madhugiri hill is one of the most favorable trekking locations for the local Bangaloreans. It is Karnataka’s second-largest single rock hill, also called monolith hill. It has a more tranquil stretch of trekking, which can be covered but children as well. The hill has steps to climb up to the peak. Generally, the trekking duration could be around two hours. This duration could vary depending on your speed. At the top of the hill, you can view the Madhugiri fort.

2. Skandagiri Hill

If you love camping and bird watching, then this is the trekking location for you. You can quickly start the trek from the Papangani Temple. This location is higher altitude, and the stretch covers two vast caves as well. It is a complete treasure for adventure lovers. Throughout the trek, you can view birds and a beautiful view of the city and trees. This is one of the favorite trekking sites for professional trekking as the route is not that easy. You can also enjoy the night camping on top of the hill.  

3. Ramanagara  Hill

If you love to be in the midst of nature and transport yourself to a beautiful spot at weekends, this is the best place for you. The beginners and professional trekkers favor Ramanagara. You can participate in rock climbing, bird watching, and just admiring the surroundings. This place is also known as the silk market. So trekking here would be a treat if you are trekker and shopper. The location also allows you to enjoy the water reservoir for fishing.

4. Narayangiri

Narayangiri is around 50km away from Bangalore; this location is near to Ramanagara. The highlight of this trekking location is the night camping view. You can enjoy the camp under the stars in the cool breeze.  The hill is safe for the trekkers; however, you have to be careful and watch the steps to avoid any mishappening. From the peak top, you can have a great view of Ramanagara. You can select this location for the views it offers.

5. Anthargange

The trekking can be exciting and adventurous when the paths are not straight, and you have to find your way. This location is also favorable for exploring the cave in the hill. The trekkers can go for the tough cave paths and find great joy in exploration. This sounds difficult, but it is thrilling for sure. This place is around 65km away from the main city. This is not very far or crowded. You can go there with your trekker friend or partner.

6. Savandurga Hill

Savandurga hill is around 55km away from Bangalore. This trekking location is ideal for beginners and teenagers as well. This hill is one of the breath-taking monolithic hills in Karnataka. Many tourists and geologists visit the place. It is considered to be a comfortable and easy trekking location. The view from the hilltop is mesmerizing.  If you wish to trek in this location, you can book you book this activity through the website of cleartrip.  If you use the Cleartrip promo code, you can get a hefty discount on the trekking trip.

7. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Bilikal is one of the most famous trekking locations in Bangalore. It attracts the visitors by its beautiful white-colored rock. This location is a popular place of trekking also because of the accessible trekking routes. There are well-known temples around the hills. This is around 70km away from Bangalore.

8. Channarayana Durga

This weekend, pack your bags, get into a comfy tracksuit, and ascend the Channarayana Durga Hill. This hill is around 95km away from Bangalore. It is one of the most loved trekking sites near Bangalore. Get ready to enjoy half day trekking to reach the top of the hill. This half an hour would be a fantastic journey. While crossing by the path, you will be surrounded by beautiful fauna rich in medicinal properties. 


The state of Karnataka is blessed with amazing hills and high rise terrains. If you stay in Bangalore, consider yourself lucky as you are surrounded by many hills ideal for trekking and exploration. It is always beautiful to go for a weekend getaway. You can escape from the rush of the city for a few days and enjoy the greenery. Trekking is good for the views and thrill of adventure and your physical and mental peace. You will not know how you will be healed amid nature.  

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