Everything You Should Know About Autowatch Ghost Installers

Are you one of those people who frequently check if the car is locked properly after parking it? It is not a surprise that you feel the need as car thefts have increased over the years. You must have heard of Autowatch Ghost installers then. This system was developed by Autowatch Company in South Africa.

Ghost immobilizer is an advanced system that protects your car from the inside and leaves no room for theft. If someone is still determined to damage the vehicle, they will have to tow it away physically. Even then, it is impossible to do so without snagging the attention of passersby. 

Modern thefts have come up with hacking tools and infiltrating systems that allow them to control the car. Designers of ghost immobilizers had thought of all the aspects when they developed this system. Even if there is the same clone of the key as the original, the car will not start. 

Suppose there is still a doubt, then some important aspects are listed below. It would help if you went over them slowly as car investment is a big thing, and you do not want to lose it. This system may cost a penny; the features are unyielding and unbeatable!


The installation of a ghost immobilizer is easy and quick. Also, you do not have to worry about maintenance. It is an effortless method in which the hiring company works on installation for a few hours. They even let you test the system before you pay them. The paperwork indicated the backups and safe routes in case something happens. 

The installation is coordinated with the ECU system of the car. You can disable and enable the course any time you like. The insurance plan of ghost immobilizer is offered by the companies that promise your car’s worth. The guarantee and value of your vehicle will not dwindle.  

No indication

It would be best if you had noticed that most car owners prefer the indication system of security. It can be in any form. Most cars have an indicator light on the dashboards that blink to alert the owner that the system is updated. 

However, ghost immobilizer has no indication. Meaning the thieves will not know the system is down or infiltrated. There will be no LED flashing or frequency outlets. It is a safer technique because all it takes is a few pieces of equipment to match the frequency and hack the system. 

PIN Codes

Ghost immobilizer is different from most of its competitors in the market. It has a unique activating system that holds it superior. Unlike a pin added to the standard screen, its nails are hidden in different buttons. Most codes are in the dash or steering wheel button. There is a specific pattern. If you have successfully given the right PIN, your vehicle will start. 

However, remember that it could be a downside as well. If you do not reflect the PIN, then even the master cannot start the vehicle. The engines will not ignite. Not to worry, because there is a backup key, and the system can be taken down confidentially. 


Ghost 2 immobilizer is better than Ghost 1. Ghost 1 is no longer used as a new updated ghost system has taken over the cars efficiently. The top one is a connection to your phones. You can connect two android or IOS at a time. If there is any disturbance or input, you will get an immediate alert on your phone.  It will keep you engaged with the activities associated with your vehicle. Apart from the alerting, the app of the system allows you to control other prominent features. However, most experts recommend you not to use the app frequently as someone else could have access to it as well. That could cause more problems than a solution regarding system hacking. 

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