Everything you need to know about Valencia CF Football Team

Valencia CF or Valencia are the short forms of Valencia Club de Football. It is the city’s football club and is one of Spain’s most-supported teams. This team has uniforms of white and black, with orange, yellow and blue currently. It earned many titles and is famous for its youth academy. This academy includes talent such as Gaizka Mendieta, Raul Albiol, David Silva, and Miguel Angel Angulo. There are many modern stars such as Juan Bernat, Carlos Soler, and Isco who got recently graduated from this academy.

History of Valencia Football Club

Valencia Football Club was founded in 1919. At the start, it was in the Torino Bar in Valencia. Octavio Augusto Milego Diaz was the first president of this Club who got decided by flipping a coin. The first club headquarters of this Club was in Barcelona Street. In the beginning, the situations were not favorable, and the Club’s profile was low. The newspaper at that time doesn’t use to take an interest in covering sports.

First match

Valencia Football Club played their first match away from home in Castellon on 21 May 1919. They didn’t win that match and lost the match against Valencian Gimnastico. After this match, things started getting better. They became the regional champions in 1923 which allowed them to play and compete in the Spain Cup.


In January 1923 the new stadium of Valencia Football Club was Mestalla Stadium where they remain on this day. Currently, this stadium could hold approximately seating for 17,000 spectators. 20 May 1923 was the day when the opening of the stadium took place. Francisco Almenar was the architect of this stadium who also became a future president of the team.

After the Civil War in Spain, they were forced to adjust somewhere else by the military as they intervened in Football, as in many other areas of life. The Mestalla Stadium got severely damaged during the Civil War, so there was a need for re-designing and re-building. After re-designing and re-building this stadium can now hold 22,000 spectators.


The team did very well, and they won their first national title in 1941. This title was for the 1941 Cup in which they were against Espanyol. Valencia Football Club was doing great in the forties as they also won the League.

 Miguel Martinez du Bujanda became the president of Valencia Football Club in 1961 who proved to be great for the Club. The successful decade begins with the president. In this decade they went to play in the Fairs Cup and also got to final. In the final, they beat their competitors who beat Barcelona Football Club by 6-2 on 12 September 1962 in Mestalla Stadium. 

Disappointed period

In the start of the eighties, a disappointing period for the Club starts as they had to spend a great deal of money in hosting the World Championship. They also spent the money on upgrading their stadium. They came fifth in the leagues during 1981 – 82 which made the situation worse. 

Start of good period

After a disappointing period and coming fifth in League, they were relegated to the Second Division in 1986. It comes back gives the team determined to fight back. Then things started getting better as the Valencia Football club returned to the Premier League in 1987. Their luck made them come back, and they got better and better by the turn of the century. They won league cups, 1 UEFA Cup and 1 European Supercup during 2001 to 2004. The period from 1999 up to 2004 season was the best for Valencia club’s history. In this period they became successful and won many titles and Cups that includes two La Liga titles, one UEFA Cup, one Copa del Rey, and one UEFA Super Cup. They won five first-class titles and two Champions League finals.


The Valencia CF football team got through a bad time, but there came many seasons that turned out to be best for them. They became the best team by the turn of the century and won many titles and cups. You can get to know many things about Valencia CF football team by reading this article แทงสล็อต .

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