Everything You Need To Know About The N95 Masks

Almost 77 days after the lockdown and many cases rising on a daily basis in the country, people have to choose between staying afloat with their work and living with coronavirus in their homes. Most have chosen the path of staying with protection and doing their regular chores. That is what even the government has in their mind. If they choose the safety of the people, the economy will suffer and vice versa. The best way out is to live in the coronavirus era with protection and do your daily chores. Protection in the form of hand sanitizers, masks, gloves and social distancing are a few things that will help everyone stay strong in these tough times. If you are stepping out to buy protective gears to fight against the coronavirus pandemic kawach masks and N95 make sense to you. But often people are confused which masks to try. In this article, you will get all insights to help you take a fair deal.

Difference Between an N95 Mask & Normal Surgical Mask

Category Surgical N95 Respirator
Approval & Testing FDA Approved NIOSH Approved
Intended Use in Fulfilling the Following Purpose Protection against large droplets, splashes, or any other form of hazardous liquids. It completely filters and prevents even the smallest particles and aerosols.
Feeling on the Face Loose Fit Compact tight fitting
Testing Requirement: Fit No Ys
User Seal Check requirement Not needed Needed every time the respirator uses it.
Infiltration Not complete protection from very small participles below 0.03 micron It filters almost 95% of the particles that even include those with the size 0.03 micron.
Leakage Vulnerable to leakage usually it occurs at the side of the mask. When this mask is proper;y put on, there is no chance that a leakage can even happen.
Use Limitation Ideally, it is recommended to be discarded after each usage. But most times, it is reused after thorough cleaning. Since these N95 masks are used by front line workers, they must not be reused again after contamination.

How To Choose a Kawach Mask Online?

When you want to buy your very first mask online on an e-Commerce platform like Bewakoof.com, make sure to pay due leverage to these three things to make a rational purchase.

  • Fluid Resistance

Your mask should be such that it can resist fluid of varied specifications ranging from large droplets to small microns that are hard to see from your raw eyes. Any mask that can prevent droplets of 0.03 micron are good to protect you against multiple viruses and its outbreak in your area.

  • Breathability

You need to have a mask that you can wear for long hours. The best way to do that is through air control measures and focussed experiments. The manufacturers pass the air under pressure and the difference is then measured by the surface of the flow. If there is a lower breathing resistance, it indicates that the mask is well suited for optimum protection.

  • Particulate Filtration

Particulate filtration are the smallest particles that can sneak through.They measure 0.01 micron. If you have got such a mask, it can prevent almost any outbreak or spread of disease.

Why are N95 Masks Effective For Healthcare Workers?

N95 masks are put under the particulate respirator masks that means there is very little or even no space for the infiltration. With such a feature, it is technically very hard to sneak through the mask. Healthcare practitioners who are on the frontline have to take samples using the swabs. Such attempts might even cause the patient to sneeze. These masks prevent microns as small as 0.03, thus, allowing 100% protection. Since the Covid 19 or CoronaVirus particles are 0.09 micron in size. That is the reason why healthcare workers are trusting the N95 masks so much for comprehensive protection against the coronavirus outbreak.

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