Everything you need to know about Skilled Migration during coronavirus & PMSOL

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Skilled migration

The federal budget 2021 is slashed between the availability of migration places for the subclass 189 visa to 6500 and state/territory nomination & regional migration places to 22400. This is a huge decline in skilled places. Subclass 189 might be restricted to select occupations. For the 12 months, from 160000 migration places, only 18% is offered to the people who are going to apply for skilled migration.


PMSOL stands for priority skilled migration occupation list. In this, the government is giving priority to the applicants for subclass 491 & 190 visas. So if you are applying for the applicable visa then hiring a migration agent in Brisbane is a great option. If you want to apply then make sure your occupation should be there in the list that is mentioned below:

  • Construction Project manager (133111)
  • Chief executive or managing director (111111)
  • General practitioner ( 253111)
  • Mechanical engineer ( 233512)
  • Psychiatrist (253411)
  • Resident Medical Officer ( 253112)
  • Midwife (254111)
  • Medical Practitioner nec (253999)
  • Registered Nurse (aged care) (254412)
  • Registered Nurse (medical) (254418)
  • Registered Nurse (critical care & emergency) (252215)
  • Registered Nurse (mental health) (254422)
  • Registered nurse (perioperative) (254423)
  • Registered nurse nec (254499)
  • Developer programmer (261312)
  • Software engineer (261313)
  • Maintenance planner (312911)

Reason for huge change?

Due to the pandemic, the country wants everyone’s support to grow the GDP of Australia. The country is providing a medium & long term skilled occupation list, regional occupation list, and so on. There are 17 occupations incorporated in the list. So people who are going to apply should make sure their occupation should be on the list. Though the government is worrying about granting skilled migration visa who are not holding PMSOL, to enter the country. The Australian government knows that skilled migration will enter the country and take over the market. Currently, there are fewer job opportunities in the country and new migrants won’t be able to take the advantage of support services. This is one of the reasons why employer-sponsored migration schemes are flexible. If an employer really wants an overseas candidate and is unable to fill the position, the Australian government will approve a nomination. Same we have observed that skilled migrants who are having an occupation on PMSOL able to attain travel exemptions after proving that they are having a job offer.

If you are a butcher, baker, etc.

We know that you must be thinking about what if you are a butcher, baker, candlestick maker who is not having an occupation in PSMOL what they will do right. If you are one of them and applied for the visa then it might take a longer time to process. You should not lose hope. Just stay calm. It is observed that the department of home affairs is taking a lot of time in processing. But all these are happening due to coronavirus. You can also keep an eye on PSMOL changes. What if your occupation will come on this list due to the shortage in the country.

What is the prediction?

There are predictions that are predicted by the people that are mentioned below:

  • Skills assessment is valid for three years.
  • If you are gaining experience then it is beneficial for you as it will increase the points for employment.
  • People are having another year to spend with their loved ones.
  • Maybe the budget will re- re-prioritized will give you numerous opportunities.
  • If you are unable to find work then do not shift from the place you are living in.
  • You can take the benefit of an employer-sponsored visa.

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