Everything You Need to Know About Novoclinical EHR Software

What is an EHR software?

If you are considering getting an EHR, you should know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Let us start by telling you what the acronym EHR stands for; Electronic Health Records. As the name suggests, these are health records for your patients but actually go much beyond that. These days EHRs are very advanced and can do anything; from helping to manage your practice to helping with the billing aspect.

Most if not all medical practices in North America employ one EHR in their practice which helps aid their day to day operations. If you are currently considering Novoclinical EHR software, then you have come to the right place since we can help you conclude whether the software is a good match for your practice or not. While you might think reading a Novoclinical EHR review or two can be helpful, it is not enough in our opinion. Apart from relying solely on reviews, you should actively look into the various features of whichever EHR you are currently considering. 

5 Features of Novoclinical EHR you Will Love the Software

If you are looking at Novoclincal EHR software, then you might be wondering about the software’s various features. We have compiled a list of the most talked about features of Novoclinical EMR software. So let’s dive into what these features are specifically:

Cloud Based

One of the most important aspects of any software you purchase these days whether for professional or personal use is that it should be cloud based since mobility and easy access are imperative these days. Novoclinical EMR software is cloud based which means that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a webapp and a login user ID. Cloud based software are housed on servers owned by the vendor and can be accessed through multiple devices usually. This eliminates the issue of having only one desktop which housed the EMR and everyone and everything depended on that one device to be able to access the software and actively use it. 

Customizable Templates

Another important aspect of an EMR is how user friendly it is and how much it caters to the needs of the user. A lot of times software requires you to get used to them without any leeway for compromise. However, one of the positive aspects of Novoclinical EHR software is that the templates are customizable to how you prefer them to be. Instead of having to get used to the software and the templates it offers, you can customize them according to your preference. You can customize the template according to your area of specialization as well. 

Patient Profiles

Keeping your patients happy and patient appointments as trouble free as possible is a very important aspect of any medical related practice. A good EHR can help make this possible for you. Novoclinical EHR software is one of these softwares since it caters to the patients a lot as well. The software displays an extensive patient medical and medication history with just a few clicks. It also displays patient demographics and more. All your patient information is available at the tip of your fingers for you to be able to reference and help make patient visits to you much better. This also helps quicken things for you since patients do not have to wait a while anymore. This feature alone makes the Novoclinical EHR cost completely worth it. 

Increase Efficiency 

At the end of the day, like everything else a medical practice is also a business. This is why it is important for you to run it as efficiently as possible. We talked earlier about how Novoclinical fully integrated EHR can cater to every need of your medical practice. This software helps to reduce no-shows as it texts patients reminders for their appointments. It also has telemedicine capabilities so that you can easily provide your services to patients. Overall, the amount of practice management this EHR helps with helps make the performance of your practice overall much more efficient.

Lab Results 

Another example of  Novoclinical fully integrated EHR is the fact that this software can also integrate lab results as well. This means when you ask patients to get certain medical related tests done, the results of these tests are automatically sent over from the lab once they are made available. So essentially, this means you will be able to get test results as soon as they are available and also be paperless since the results are sent directly and do not have to be faxed. This makes things more efficient as you no longer have to wait for test results to be available since they are sent automatically to you when they are available. 

Should you Invest in Novoclinical EHR Software

Like we stated earlier, do not just rely on whatever Novoclinical EHR review you read. We encourage that you also ask the vendor for a Novoclinical EHR demo or even ask to see a Novoclinical EHR tutorial. This will help you realize if the software is a good fit for you. Other ways to determine this is to make a list of all the features you hope to see in an EHR and then cross reference them with the features we have listed above to see if they are available in the software. If they are and you are satisfied then you can go ahead with the purchase and if not, then you can look around and maybe even consult an expert.

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