Everything to know about Test Drive for QuickBooks Online

Test Drive for QuickBooks Online 

Intuit gives an office to test drive the QuickBooks software as numerous customers need to know rst about the working of the software. With the assistance of Test Drive for QuickBooks Online, clients will have the option to utilize a demo version of the QuickBooks software. This demo office is just accessible in QuickBooks Online. As such, the clients can’t profit from this office in the QuickBooks Desktop Application just in QuickBooks Online. 

At the point when you wish to buy the subscription plan in the wake of utilizing the office of the test drive, the work that you have done in the test drive won’t be saved in your subscription plan. That implies you will get a totally different QuickBooks software to start work with. This test drive feature is an important office that is given by Intuit as it will convince the clients to buy the subscription subsequent to knowing the working of this astounding software. 

Significant Things to Remember Before Proceeding with the Test Drive for QuickBooks Online

Coming up next are the significant things that you need to remember prior to profiting of this office: 

There are not many nations that can utilize this office for a 30-day free preliminary: United Kingdom, 

India, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and France. At the point when you buy the subscription, your past work won’t be moved to the paid version. 

During the preliminary version, if a client endeavors to initiate, he/she will be bolted out of the program. You won’t have the option to associate your bank account with QuickBooks Demo account as it is a protection concern. 

What are the Features that can be utilized in Test Drive for QuickBooks Online ? 

Coming up next are the features that you can use in this feature: 

  • QuickBooks Dashboard The clients will have the admittance to the QuickBooks Dashboard from which they can utilize the demo version of QuickBooks with no diculty. Simplicity of review their bank accounts and knowledge about left and right menu. 
  • Tweaking Invoices Users can plan and modify their customer’s solicitations as per their inclinations. QuickBooks Demo version is stacked with astonishing layouts, textual styles, and delightful tones. 
  • Following Inventory QuickBooks Demo clients can rehearse stocks and inventory the board. This will give the clients to distinguish the excess and deficit circumstances. 
  • Altering Reports The clients will approach 80 dierent report choices like Prot and Loss, Rundown of Invoices, and so on You will have a wide scope of choices to modify reports as per your inclination. 
  • Get ready 1099 The clients would now be able to have the option to set up their 1099 data in the QuickBooks software. Furthermore, you can live with the IRS on the web. 

Security Protection While Using the Test Drive for QuickBooks Online 

For security concerns, QuickBooks doesn’t allow you to add your bank account with your QuickBooks Demo account. In the event that you wish to associate at any rate, you can utilize a functioning account or on the other hand a preliminary account for web based banking. 

Check the Transactions 

You are needed to check your bank transactions to associate your QuickBooks preliminary account with your bank account. You can confirm your transactions either by checking the proclamation of your bank account or give a call to your bank. The charge will be shown as the ‘QuickBooks: Verify Bank’. 

Intuit Online Payroll 

  • You need to Confirm the Test Transactions rst. Follow the means referenced beneath: 
  • Pick the ‘To Do’ choice. 
  • At that point, go to the ‘Conrm your test deposits’ choice. 
  • Enter a sum in pennies without referencing the dollar cash image and without 
  • any decimal point. For instance, if a transaction sum is $0.67, you are needed to enter just ’67’ in the crate. 
  • Select the ‘Ok’ choice. 
  • Click on the ‘Save and Close’ choice. 

Upgraded QuickBooks Online Payroll 

Once more, you are needed to Confirm the Test Transactions rst. Follow the given beneath steps: 

  • From the left menu of the QuickBooks Demo account, pick the ‘Specialists’ tab. 
  • Select the ‘Employees’ alternative. 
  • On the primary Employees page, move to the ‘Finish Payroll Tasks’. 
  • Pick the ‘Confirm the Test Deposits Now’ choice. 
  • Click the ‘Ok’ alternative. 

In the event that the ‘New Payroll’ button isn’t accessible, you can utilize this technique: 

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ at the highest point of the screen. 
  • Pick the ‘Payroll Settings’ alternative. 
  • In the Bank Accounts menu, select ‘Company’. 
  • Pick the alternative of ‘Check Account’. 
  • Click on the ‘Enter’ alternative and conrm the sum. 

Intuit Full Service Payroll 

Once more, you need to Confirm the test transactions, given underneath are the means you can follow: 

  • Go to the ‘Home’ tab. 
  • Pick the ‘Total errands now’ choice. 
  • Click on the ‘Conrm Bank Deposits’ alternative. 
  • Enter the measure of the test transaction. 
  • Click on the ‘Save and Close’ alternative. 
  • For any remaining versions of QuickBooks Online Payroll 
  • Any remaining versions incorporate QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium, QuickBooks Online Payroll 

Full Service, QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite, and QuickBooks Online Payroll Core. 

  • For Confirming the Test Transactions, follow the given beneath steps: 
  • From the left menu, select the ‘Specialists’ tab. 
  • Pick the ‘Employees’ alternative. 
  • Select the ‘New Payroll Tasks’ alternative. 
  • Select the alternative of ‘Conrm the payroll bank account’. 
  • Enter the measure of the test transaction. 
  • Pick the ‘Ok’ alternative. 
  • Click ‘Save and Close’. 

In the event that the ‘New payroll task’ button isn’t accessible, you can utilize this substitute technique: 

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu. 
  • Click on the ‘Payroll Settings’ choice. 
  • Under the Bank Accounts, pick ‘Company’. 
  • Select the choice of ‘Check the Account’. 
  • Click the ‘Enter’ button. 
  • Click ‘Yes’ by confirming the sum. 


The above article depends on the point ‘A Detailed Information About Test Drive for QuickBooks Online’. On the off chance that a client is dealing with any issue with the QuickBooks software, feel free to connect with the QuickBooks Error Support specialists for specialized assistance and expert direction.

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