Every Hair Restoration Technique Is Different, Here’s Why

Admittedly, hair loss is quite common these days due to multiple reasons including disturbing hormones, stress and hereditary patterns. Well, let’s appreciate technological advancement as hair transplants and hair restorations techniques have made it easier to regrow thin hair and treat hair fall. One of the most remarkable things about such hair restoration techniques is that they are sophisticated, practical and assure evident results. Also, they are quite economical, accessible and provide a permanent solution to hair fall. No surprise, majority of your celebrity crushes including Sylvester Stallone and Joe Swash look juvenile and handsome in their 40s and 50s due to hair transplants.  

Gladly, these hair transplant surgeries and hair restoration techniques are the real glimmer of hope for the patients with hair fall. Although you can grow their hair like celebrities but remember each hair transplant technique is different from the other one. Besides, every patient experiences different results due to various factors, including hair transplant surgeon selection. Hair Restoration Dubai. So, it is always recommended to choose the qualified surgeon and set some realistic expectations before choosing any hair transplant technique.

Different kinds of Hair Transplant Techniques

Before you opt for a hair transplant, it is essential to know about all different hair transplants as each patient requires different treatment based on his hair fall condition. Well, there are two popular treatments, and almost every surgeon chooses them for better and permanent results.

  • FUE (Aka Follicular Unit Extraction) is one special, well-recommended and renowned hair treatment for hair fall. The core advantage of FUE hair transplant is that the surgeon performs one by one hair grafting, i.e. he takes individual grafts from the donor’s side and inserts them in the intended scalp area. Also, the treatment is minimally invasive with least or no side-effects. The treatment’s downtime is too low, and you can continue your routine life activities after some rest. However, the process is a bit costly because it involves substantial time and expertise, but people opt for it due to remarkable results.
  • FUT (Aka Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a painful hair transplantation process. In this process, the surgeon takes/removes a strip of hair follicles from the donor area, dissect into individual units and start the transplantation process. This hair restoration technique leaves linear scars on the head’s back, and such scars require considerable time to be healed properly.

Indeed, FUE is a modern and more popular treatment to treat hair fall or hair thinning because of its phenomenal results. But, your surgeon can better choose the suitable technique after examining your hair condition properly. Also, your budget plays a significant role in determining the ultimate treatment for you.

But don’t worry; the hair restoration experts in Dubai are incredibly talented, and they know which treatment yields ideal results. That’s why; it is preferable to choose the professional hair transplant surgeons for permanent and satisfactory results.  

Factors Effect Hair Transplant

Here are some main factors that decide the success of hair transplant.

  • Availability of donor’s hair

One of the main factors that determine hair transplant success is the availability of donor’s hair. People in the earliest stage of hair fall have more donor hair; consequently, the harvesting process is quicker. It also indicates that your surgeon has more to play around and better cover the scalp’s thin lining and bald area.

Conversely, people who treat their hair fall in the late 40s or 50s have thin or less donor area. Resultantly, the surgeon can’t cover the bald spots and thin area adequately. However, patients who want Body Hair Transplant (BHT) get their hair from legs, arms and chest. Their hair grows shorter and curlier.

So, each patient experiences different results based on some significant factors. That’s why; we suggested you set some realistic expectations before you go for a hair transplant. No doubt, the surgeons leave no stone unturned for a successful surgery, but not everyone can enjoy similar results.

  • Skills and Expertise of a Surgeon

A skilled surgeon and his expert team can better handle the hair scalp of the patient. The professionals know how to bring precision in the results and how to reduce any of the side-effects. That’s why; spend more time in finding the most suitable hair surgeon for you. Undoubtedly, Dubai is fortunate enough to have well-qualified hair surgeons, but your prior research and proper investigation can help you find the best surgeon for you.

Bottom Line

The crux of the whole discussion is that each patient is different from the other one. Likewise, each hair restoration technique has different results. So, keep all the factors mentioned above in your mind before you go for the hair transplant. Remember; the professional surgeon can help you in getting the most satisfactory results. So, always choose wisely.

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