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Essential Tips for Business Graduates before Interview

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  • Are you a fresh graduate?
  • Have you been looking for a job lately?
  • Do you feel nervous about going for the interview?

If you could relate to the questions we have asked, then you have hit the right place. This article is going to cover some great tips and tricks that are related to Essential Tips for Business Graduates. You can utilize as a fresh graduate going for a job interview.

As 2020 started, it has brought on many challenging scenarios for fresh business graduates to find a suitable job. The competition of the right academics and skills is so high in the market that it has become difficult for such business graduates even to confirm an interview. And even if after immense struggle you finally do land an interview, you can’t afford to lose the opportunity to get through just because of your incompetency.

According to the Global Skills Shortage Survey, the top missing soft skills are creativity raking up 40%, the ability to deal with complexity going down 32%, and communication close by at 31%. These figures show that the new-age businesses are looking for the right combination of innovation and problem-solving skills in their employees. Fortunately, business graduates having gone through rigorous college schedules can definitely deal with cumbersome situations. Mostly they just require the right kick to get started. Also, during their struggling days, they often try to find out some relaxing computer glasses which help them to get a proper protection for their eyes.

7 Essential Interview Tips for Fresh Business Graduates

Therefore, here we have compiled seven essential tips for business graduates to kick their guts in place and make them feel ready to take on any interview.

1.     Make Sure To Research The Company

According to recent top recruiting statistics, 7 in 10 job seekers say that they use Google as part of a job searching and application process. These figures show that many of your fellow job seekers will not leave any stone unturned to research and know all about the company beforehand. Therefore, you should also make sure to research the company offering you the interview so that it gives you better context t answer questions. When you know what the organization is about, what its mission, vision, and core objectives are, you can easily align your answers with these points. It will not only increase your chances of getting hired, but you will lower the risk of getting scammed into a fake job proposal.

2.     Try And Get A Referral

Now that you have researched the company and know all about it search if you can find someone you know who has already been associated with it. According to statistics published on Silk Road, employee referrals still remain the top source that leads to the final hiring of an employee. Ranking at 56% referrals takes up more than half of the population while other reasons make the other half. Considering such significant figures, you would not want to leave on an opportunity that can possibly lead to you getting through the interview like a breeze. Also, if you happen to know an ex-employee, you can learn before the interview how it is conducted and what type of experience you are in for.×573.png

3.     Take Your Academic Credentials With You

Many graduates make this mistake of undermining their academic achievements. You shouldn’t be one of them because all that you have achieved throughout your business degree is what makes you a likely candidate for the company. Many organizations tend to look at specific academic qualifications when hiring business graduates to suit their corporate needs. Hence, make sure you take all your credential certifications and documents with you when you head out for the interview.

4.     First Impression Is Definitely The Last

Interviewers from corporate businesses are not specifically looking to hire a fresh graduate who is a nerd with number crunching and even looks like one. Remember the old saying that the first impression is the last impression is very true in this scenario. There is nothing wrong with being a statistical nerd that knows all about how to take the business forward. But you would not only want to talk smart but look smart also. Make yourself look and sound worthy of the position you are being interviewed for. Don’t shy or back off from answers. Confidence is the key, and creating an impression is how it all starts.

5.     Treat Your Educational Background As Work Experience

Don’t answer interview questions like you are a newbie fresh out of college. Your educational background has prepared you for a real-world scenario. Even if the interview is for your very first job of the corporate world, prepare yourself to answer questions strategically. With the help of what you have experienced throughout your degree program. Mention all your extra-curricular activities, group projects, and fellowship programs. And what you learned through them like they are your past work experiences.

6.     Strategize Your Competency Answers

As we mentioned earlier that organizations require the perfect combination of academics and skills when hiring business graduates. As there are many productive material related to essential tips for Business Graduates. But we always try to figure content with accurate facts and figures. Therefore lead from the front on this one by strategizing how you answer competency questions like:

  • What do you think are your strengths?
  • What would you say is your no.1 weakness?

Answering such questions right away is not going to work in your favor. Instead, be well aware of what your weaknesses are and present them as you can overcome them. For instance, by answering,

“My weakness is getting confused in complex situations, but I’m always open to help and suggestions to get through.”

7.     Remember, The Company Needs You More Than You Need The Job

According to The Balance Careers, the average time it takes from interviews to offer for new college graduates is 24.5 days. Thus, even if you have given your 100% in the interview and it still takes a month for a company to get back to you, don’t lose hope.

Utilize the time you have at hand and give multiple interviews at a month’s time for organizations that compete with one another. Leverage the opportunity when hirings are open for fresh graduates in organizations. You will be sure to land your dream job as companies require new candidates to stay relevant more than a candidate needs to go up for a job.

Bottom Line

All in all, we have presented you with practical tips and tricks in hopes that you can use them for your advantage. While preparing to go up for an interview. Remember, there are no fixed rules about putting your best foot forward. Just believe in your abilities and make a LinkedIn profile!



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