Essential Steps to Perform a New Holland Tractor Oil Change

Following are the steps of New Holland tractor oil change. 

Check the User Manual Before Changing Oil 

The first mostly considered thing during the oil change is the user manual provided by New Holland with a tractor. The user manual provides useful information about tractors. Following are the important points of the oil change process, which mentioned in the user manual. 

  • Fuel type ( petrol or diesel)
  • Engine oil Capacity 
  • Filter type (dry type or oil bath type)

Drain The Oil 

In the second step of an oil change is drain the oil. Before beginning to drain oil, experts recommend parking a tractor on a level surface, turning off a tractor, and removing the key. Before starting the process, you have to follow some precautions such as using drain pans, towels, wrenches, and wearing gloves to protect hands. Formal steps of draining the oil 

  • Open the plug which locates on the bottom of the engine block. 
  • Place the pan on the ground under the oil drain plug. 
  • Now allowing the oil to drain. 

After following steps change the oil filter. 

Check For Leaks

For safety precautions, you have to check the leaks after changing the oil. Follow these steps for checking leaks

  • Run the New Holland tractor in neutral with the parking brake on for 30 seconds, checking the leaks around the drain plug and oil filter. 
  • Turn Off the machine and wait for minutes. 
  • Apply the dipstick to confirm the correct oil level. 

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