Essential Questions to Ask Before Booking an Appointment with Your Massage Therapist

Massage therapy has become quite popular these days. Interestingly, you can easily find top-quality massage spas in every corner of the city. The professional masseuses assure various types of massage based on your requirement. Gladly, massage therapy is adequate to make you feel contented and tranquil. Also, massage can play a vital role in strengthening your muscles. If you have a hectic routine or tough schedule, you should take out some time for a professional massage. Besides, sports massage is advantageous to keep your body healthy and well-maintained condition.

Nevertheless, the selection of professional spa-like Geylang Massage Spa is indispensable to experience satisfactory results. That’s why; you should ask some important questions before you book a final appointment with your massage therapist.

The specialty of Massage Therapist

It is one of the essential questions that require proper consideration. For instance, there are more than 50 types of massage, and not every therapist can perform all types of massage. So, you need to ask in the first place whether the therapist provides desired massage type or not. If a massage therapist provides deep tissue massage or sports massage, but you want a relaxation massage, the chosen therapist is not recommended.


You need to ask about the ‘specialty of massage therapist’ and the types of massages he provides. Also, don’t forget to ask about the benefits of chosen massage or the massage’s potential outcomes.

Moreover, you should discuss ‘how would you feel after the massage.’ Indeed, all such questions are valuable in determining whether the chosen massage type is optimal for you or not. If you think the potential outcomes are not satisfactory, you should think about some other massage type.

Training Type and Certifications

This question is valuable in determining the overall expertise and skill set of a therapist. No denial, some numerous schools/institutes offer massage training, but not all provide quality training sessions. So, you need to check the certification, year of experience, and overall specialties of your therapist. Suppose your therapist has taken training from National Certification Agency for massage therapists known as National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). In that case, you should consider his services without any second thought. Although not all states require certification, your massage therapist should have proper licenses and training certificates.

The availability of legit certificates/licenses indicates that you have chosen the most competent masseuse for you.

Ask For Testimonials And Archives

Properly examine what clients say about the chosen therapist. For this, you can check the website of the massage spa. The availability of testimonials helps in determining the skills of the therapist. Also, they help in deciding whether the massage therapist provides satisfactory services or not.

If the therapist fails to provide his testimonials or archives, there must be wrong with his services. You shouldn’t take the risk of taking his services because it can put your money and time in danger. So, give proper considerations to the testimonials and make the decision afterward.

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How Therapist Reliefs Stress

Ensure that the chosen therapist practices whatever he preaches. If the therapist doesn’t take time for his well-being, how can he guide his patient to relieve stress?

Additionally, keep one thing in mind that massage therapy is all about relaxation where touch is used for manipulation. This touch can transfer stress from the therapist to the client.

The perspective of the specialist can influence your massage session. If your therapist isn’t relaxed, then he can transfer that stress to you. That’s why; don’t choose a spa where therapist offers. So, don’t take the risk of taking a massage from an exhausted and tired massage therapist.

It is better to book an appointment in the morning where the therapist offers excellent massage with a fresh mind and active body. Moreover, the fresh massage ensures quality results.

How Long The Therapist Has Been Practicing

Generally, a massage therapist offers his services for 2 to 3 years. However, if the therapist has been practicing for over three years, this shows genuine devotion. Indeed, massage therapy is an art that you genuinely learn through the experience of really dealing with genuine individuals. So ensure your massage therapist has put some time in the field. Because, practice makes a man perfect.

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If the therapist has been offering services for at least ten years, ask them how they keep on improving their art. Ensure they take proceeding with schooling classes to keep steady over new improvements in the field.

Final Words

So, ask the questions mentioned above to help you find the finest spa and massage, therapist. Gladly, the massage therapists and specialists at the Geylang body massage spa are qualified and can easily offer the desired massage type.

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