Essential Hajj Guide for your Travel to Saudi Arabia

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Hajj, also known as the pilgrimage, is the fifth pillar of Islam and a beautiful Ibadah to cleanse one’s soul. Hajj is a complete package to attain the required state of being Tahir (pure/clean) since every action undertaken during this period comprises the zikr of Allah SWT, seeking forgiveness from the Creator of the whole world. Every Muslim has the utmost desire to offer pilgrimage once in a lifetime which is mandatory as well for those who can afford to perform this ritual with proper mental and physical health, and financially.

Initiating for Hajj Travel

Before initiating any travel, one must look through and enlightened with all the basic information and requirements of that journey so he/she can easily meet all the requirements without getting into despondent situation. And when it comes to the most beautiful journey of the life, it must be perfect for which you must know each aspect, sorting out all your queries before travelling. All the pilgrims especially the first-time pilgrims are looking for valid guidelines to manage their trip, acting upon those guidelines, to have a memorable trip. Now there is no need to search more and more, Haleema Travel is unquestioningly one amongst the best-known travel agencies proffering you a thorough guide to travel to Saudi Arabia for the performance of holy rite. Here, you will get to know about all the requirements of travelling for Hajj.

  • Pilgrims must have a vaccination certificate prepared for inspection by Saudi authorities to show at the port of entry.
  • Upon arrival, pilgrims must show and handover their passports to the custody of the Unified Agents Office representatives so all the latter travel formalities to Makkah and Madinah could and would be completed.
  • Pilgrims must enter the kingdom reaching the King Abdulaziz Airport, Jeddah till 4 Zil-Hajj.
  • During your journey and stay, you should immediately report the happening to the same office that is appointed to take your care during Hajj, in case if you lose the passport. Obtaining a report from the Unified Agents Office in which the loss of passport is mentioned, is a compulsion.
  • Pilgrims must leave the kingdom after performing the sacred rite, before 10th Muharram of each year. Staying in the country after the completion of Hajj is against the regulations of Saudi Arabia.
  • You must have the Saudi Identification card and wristband that is issued by the Hajj travel agent. You must keep it at all times with you.
  • For the deliverance of Hajj, you must have a valid permit since the Saudi government has set strict penalties; detention, fines, and travel bans, for those who reach the kingdom to offer Hajj without this permit.
  • The most significant thing to keep aware of, is the travel agency and travel agent as only the Saudi government-approved travel agencies enables you to acquire entry, accommodation, and transportation in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, your Hajj and Umrah plans must be made in dint of a Saudi government-approved travel agent. Dodge any mishap and search over everything yourself. To look through the list of approved travel agencies, visit the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia website and the Saudi Hajj Ministry website.
  • Make sure that the travel agency you would decide to fly with must be reputable and approved.
  • Besides an entry visa, the accommodations and transportation must be guaranteed. Ensure it before going for any option since it is guaranteed solely when you are travelling with an approved travel agency.

In case you don’t have a permit or that permit is invalid, and/or your travel agent is unapproved, then it results in:

  • Detention
  • Large fines
  • Immediate deportation
  • Ban on future travel to the country

Do not reach the kingdom without finalizing everything or else you would have to encounter mammoth mishaps, spoiling your holiest tour. Prepare properly and have a save journey.

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