Essential Functionalities to Look For in Time Tracking Software with Benefits

Often we hear owners or employees crying over managing timelines. There is some of the other task or deadline not met because of employee’s leisure hours or fatigue at work or some other millionth reason given by them.

With the digital age, the world is moving ahead with a lightning speed so there is no way that you as a company can cope up with the manual tracking of employees and maintain the excel records. Using this methodology can actually cost you more than you know. It can hamper your payroll calculation and also place a massive burden on the administrative department and HR staff. And yet for a fact these manual timesheets are also not welcomed by your employees.

To overcome these problems the technological world has provided firms like you with time tracking software. It does not matter whether you have a staff of fifteen or a hundred, time management is crucial for success in today’s world. So, there are many inventions like Timogix online timesheet that are helping a firm to grow in a harmonious environment.

Online timesheets give flexibility and accessibility to employees which they appreciate. And it also helps the HR admin departments to select the right candidate for the perks & benefits of the firm. No one seems to be unhappy with the online tracker and also is able to justify their work hours. The employer and the employee happen to be on the same page when it comes to discussing incentives, bonuses, or any other payroll related problems. Thus, the online time tracking sheets ease up the functioning of the firm as a whole.

You might be thinking that it is easier said than done, as it is a tedious job to automate every excel record and even figure out how to use a time management software. No need to worry about it. The software comes with a training session or free trials that help in knowing the key functionalities of the online system. Now, before moving on to the functionalities let’s have a look at the benefits of the timesheets.

Benefits of the online timesheet software

  • Automates payroll and accounting tasks
  • Enhances employee’s accuracy
  • Analyzes employee performance by tracking attendance
  • Manages job scheduling, projects, as well as assets
  • Effectively and efficiently maintains every data entry
  • Some software also have audit feature that helps in payroll cycle
  • It also allows employees to function offline and thus there is no need of micromanaging in the firm

These were some of the key benefits of the timesheet software. Now, let’s move on to the functionalities that you should consider in an online time tracking system.

Functionalities of online timesheet software

1. Generates automated bills: If your business is all about billing clients per hour and minute, then you need to look for this particular functionality. It accurately tracks the working hours and helps in generating bills as per the setting of time and rates.

2. Easy payroll calculation: Such timesheet software often stores working and non-working hours of each employee. Thus, at the end of the month it automatically provides you with accurate salaries with a maintained payroll database.

3. Reporting and analytics: When you handle a business there are many reports that you have to generate. Software like Timogix online timesheet can easily provide you with a wide range data analysis. It shows the total time spent on each project and gives statistics of each task performed. It automatically helps in improving performance standards.

4. Facilitates user management: It helps in creating online teams, groups, or departments working on a project. This functionality manages those groups efficiently. A user can generate team-focused reports along with shareable authority to a particular employee of the group. Thus, it helps the team to be on one page and meet the deadlines of the project systematically.

5. Multiple platform integration: In the modern-day environment some people prefer to work on their laptops, PCs, Macs, and other technological advancements. You need to be sure that the selected timesheet software is flexible enough to integrate into other multiple platforms. It has to be accessible by every employee from anywhere-anytime.

Bonus functionality

  • Scalability: No matter how much your company grows, the time tracking software should be able to add enough number of employees, projects, tasks, as well as groups with the same level of quality. It should not get stuck or take time for loading and other technical issues because that will affect your employee’s ideology related to the online timesheets.
  • Free trials: This functionality prepares you and your staff for the software. It helps the employees to get used to its features and makes it a daily process for them. Before purchasing it, make sure your employees approve the software and encourage its usage.

Thus, these were some of the effective functionalities that will help your business to grow in the apt direction with systematic time management skills of the employees. You will be able to avoid clientele issues related to timely submissions and payrolls. As with automatic invoicing, justification will be provided to the clients about the work hours and performed work. There will be appropriate facts on the table to showcase your team dedication to the clients.


In a nutshell, once you have decided to integrate timesheet software, your business will surely witness effective and positive growth. The above mentioned functionalities are worth making you aware of the benefits and smooth workflow that you will notice once everyone hooks up with the online time management system.

Before settling on a particular time tracking tool, make sure to list down your criteria. It will help you in making the right choices and opt for the most efficient employee timesheet system online. Use today’s technological advancement and ace in your businesses, these tools are here to help you meet your dreams and goals along with effective employment tactics. Integrate one right now for your business!

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