Essential Facts to Know About 6000 Series Flow Meter

Essential Facts to Know About 6000 Series Flow Meter

6000 meter uses a paddlewheel process to create a pulse directly related to the current flow rate. These meters have a low maintenance cost and can be installed easily. They are mostly used to measure the flow of liquids.

The 6000 meter flow meter is found in proteus industries. This industry produces a wide variety of flow measuring and sensing devices. These instruments are used in semiconductor equipment. Automotive, in medicine and casting market industries. The product is of great quality and affordable as well.

Features of 6000 Series Flow Meter

· The liquids flow rates range from 0.6 to 60 GPM.
· 6000 series give a digital pulse that is good for a programmable controller.
· They have a direct interface to data logging, batching, and multi-channel regulators. This meter gives a digital pulse the right process monitor.
· It has 5b to 24 VDC pulse and NPN output for more comfortable interfacing with your PLC. The signal for this output is 5 percent of the input energy. When the flow rate is low, the output speed tends to be 10HZ. The final flow range output speed is about 240HZ.
· The stainless-steel faceplate increases the range of operation. These faceplates can be used with liquid temperatures from 40 to 110 degrees and can also measure up to 250 PSI pressure.
· The make for 6000 series is firm. The bottom differs depending on the connection size.
· The hall-effect sensor gives a better output in an environment that is noisy. This hall-effect is safeguarded from too much energy and opposite polarity.

What is a Hall-Effect Sensor?

It is also known as a hall sensor. A hall sensor is an instrument used to measure the weight of a magnetic field. Its output is directly related to the magnetic strength in it. These sensors are used for closeness sensing, positioning, speed detection, and current sensing applications.

Advantages of a Hall Sensor

· These sensors can also operate an electric switch. This switch is cheap and can be relied on.
· The hall sensor switch is used at higher speeds than a mechanical switch.
· It is not affected by contact bounce because a solid switch is used. It does not use a mechanical contact that is affected by contact bounce.
· This switch cannot be contaminated because it is covered. This means that the sensor can be used in any severe condition.
· The hall-effect sensor can measure large magnetic fields.
· They also determine both sign and size.
· They can also be flat.

Things to Consider When Choosing a 6000 Series Model

· It would help if you considered the chemical suitability of the flow device. And any other liquid that you want to use.
· Also, look if the pressure limits and working temperatures affect compatible things.
· Make sure that the final flow rate is less than the device’s upper flow limit. The standard flow rate of liquids should be around 50 to 60 percent of the instrument’s upper flow limit.
· If you are using liquids that have high pressures, make sure to go for SAE straight-threaded connections.

How to Order the 6000 Series Flow Meter Online

To get the best 6000 series flowmeter, always contact the experts. They will advise you on the right flow meter and its application. Each meter has its use. So, it is necessary to seek advice before opting for one. It will enable you to get an accurate result. The following are some simple steps you should use to order your 6000 series online;

· Choose the model number of 60000 meters that you want to buy.
· Then go to the online order page and order your meter.
· You will see the price after selection. So, click on the buy, and then add the meter to the cart.


The 6000 series flow meters are essential in flow measurement and control. They help you to monitor the flow of liquids. These meters are cheap and can be found anywhere. Always do your research before buying one. You can as well consult the experts. Make the installation is also done correctly.