Escorts Tractor – Quality Features And Product Specifications

Escort Tractor was established seven decades ago and enjoys the title of ‘pioneer of farm mechanisation in India’. With its best-in-class innovative tractors, the brand maximises its market with proper attention to customer satisfaction.

The tractors are powered by efficient and powerful engines with horsepower starting from 12 Hp to 80 Hp. Escorts Tractor produces tractors with adequate and advanced features that ensure high returns on cost-effective investments.

These tractors are quite affordable with minimal prices ranging from Rs. 2,60,000 to 5,00,000. Escorts Tractor offers power-packed tractors that are also easy-on-the-pocket for small and marginal farmers.

Escorts have been supporting Indian agriculture for a long time. Here we have listed few tractors that are most preferred by the farmers:

  • Escort Josh 335 This tractor offers brilliant performance on the fields with a 35 engine Hp.
  • Escort MPT JawanThis is among the best-selling tractors with a 25 engine Hp.

These products are fitted with dry disc brakes, efficient fuel tanks, and easy to operate gearboxes. The mechanised cooling systems and air filters add to the value of the tractors. Escorts Tractors come in compact and straightforward designs suitable for accessories like a top link, bumper, canopy, drawbar, etc.

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