Epic Places In Vietnam That Every Local is Proud Of

There are always certain places in every country that even the locals can’t get enough of. When you can go to a place time and again and still not get tired of visiting the same place, that’s when you know that it is beyond beautiful. Vietnam has so many different landscapes and experiences that makes tourists swarm to this beautiful country but it is always good to know what are the local favourites because you know you can’t go wrong with those.

Read on to find out what these epic places in Vietnam are that every local is proud of and wouldn’t mind visiting every other weekend-

Son Doong Cave

This is probably one of the most fun and exciting things you could do in Vietnam. Exploring the world’s largest cave is definitely as enchanting as it sounds. As fascinating as this expedition may seem, you also need to be physically and mentally fit to be able to visit this cave because the walk inside is surely not a cakewalk. It involves being lowered by a rope into a pitch-black void and the walk, in itself could be taxing. There are a very few tickets available every year and these generally get sold out almost 6 months in advance. The tickets are quite pricey as well. It could cost you somewhere around USD 3000 but it has been proven to be worthy time and again because this is hands down one of most thrilling experiences ever.

Mu Chang Chai Rice Terraces

These seemingly endless gold rice terraces whisper peace and peace alone. The whole aura of these rice terraces is so calming. They form interesting patterns across the hills and the valleys. If you happen to plan your travel around harvest time, you are in for a treat. Mu Chang rice terraces are only 260 kilometres away from Hanoi and if you feel like going on a road trip, this is probably one of the most picturesque routes as well.

The Mui Nei Sand Dunes

If you have a couple of days to explore the south of Vietnam, do yourself a favour and head over to the colourful sand dunes of Mui Nei. These massive blobs of sand are the perfect elements for your postcard photos and moreover you can learn the art of sandboarding in no time and have the time of your life. This fishing village with its sand dunes is one of the most beautiful geographical oddities you will ever see.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Vietnam’s largest waterfall is just as majestic as you would imagine. Although getting here is tricky- which is very much a part of the fun, the cascading waters put you in the best mood possible almost instantly. Just being there and looking at this colossal national beauty is rejuvenating and relaxing so make sure you check this out.

Con Dao Islands

This was once a place that nobody wanted to step foot on because of its gory past. These islands were a prison colony during the French and American rule. The most horrific things happened on these islands and people were tortured to death. These prisons which are now open to tourists tell the story of this horrifying past but these islands are one of the most beautiful places in all of southeast Asia. Pristine beaches and wild verdant forests make it a perfect holiday spot.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest

This place is the perfect amalgamation of stretches of wilderness and very chill Mekong Delta communities dispersed all over this area. The area is not the smoothest in terms of navigation but you can find interesting flora and fauna such as wild water lilies, duckweed and many exotic species of birds.

Ta Xua Mountain

Ta Xua is the 10th highest mountain in all of Vietnam and it is not very well known due to its terrain. Getting there is tricky and the routes are very challenging as well. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted but if you feel like you want to get on an unforgettable adventure, this is a perfect way to get that dose of adrenaline. Once you get on the stop, there’s nothing stopping you from living your fairytale dreams with fluffy clouds floating all around you.

Although most of these places seem hard to reach, if you figure out the right logistics, you are sorted. In case you feel like you want to be 100% sure with your itinerary, reach out to the in-house destination experts at Pickyoutrail who will understand your requirements and customise a Vietnam tour package for you. They will also take care of the bookings and all the other boring parts. All you need to do is just be ready to have the time of your life!

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