Envelope printing with narrow budget: 8 tips from professionals

Envelope printing with narrow budget: 8 tips from professionals

Envelope Printing is an art, and not everyone can do proper justice to this particular art. If you are thinking about printing Packages for your business and are running a little short on money, then this article is perfectly tailored for you. In this article, 8 tips from the professionals will be discussed which will help you in making the best looking printed envelopes.

Do Market Research:

It is absolutely vital to do proper research before you decide to opt for any promotional campaign. The same is the case with custom printed envelopes. You must work on who your target audience is and how many of them you are trying to target at a time.

It would not look good for you if you do not know how many packages you have to print and where to send them. To narrow down your target audience and then order the companies to print the envelopes for you. 

Choose Appropriate Size:

There are a lot of size options for envelopes. The sizes are typically measured in Cs, just like the paper is measured in As. For instance, a C4 package will be able to accommodate a paper that is of size A4. So you should always consider the size of your promotional content so that you can create a proper package for yourself.

The size is also important because the larger the size is, the more it will cost for custom envelopes printing. Moreover, if you are looking to print a border for the opening flap of the envelope, you have to decide the type of envelope as well. There are two basic types of packages. These are wallet style and pocket style. The wallet style is the one that opens up at the long end, and the pocket style is the one that opens from the short end.

Envelops EnvelopesPrinting CustomPrintedEnvelopes, Envelope printing with narrow budget: 8 tips from professionals

Choose Paper Quality Sensibly:

Paper quality is what matters a lot while printing a custom envelope. This is the first thing a recipient looks and feels. Therefore you need to choose a paper material that is both premium and at the same time cost-efficient.

One of the best choices for that purpose is Kraft material because it is relatively abundant in the market, and it is not costly enough. Apart from that, this is also a very print-friendly material, so you can print whatever you want on it, and it would still look premium.

Think About Colors And Typography:

For printing envelopes, colors and typography play a vital role. Typically the colors are printed in CMYK or between 1 to 4 spot colors. It is important to note that the more colors you use, the higher the cost will get. It is important if you are looking to color your text in a variety of colors.

Furthermore, black is considered as a separate color, so if your logo is in the green color and your address is in plain black color, then the companies will consider it as a package that is to be printed in two colors. Similarly, the more text you choose to print on your packages, the more it will cost you.

Pre-Printed Vs All Over Print:

If you do not have a fixed design in mind and are looking to save n costs, then pre-printed packages are your best choice. These are already made up with a custom print, and all that is left is the return address and logo space that you can customize accordingly. Suppliers manufacture them in bulk amounts to cater to the needs of the companies that are not looking to put much effort.

But if you are looking to craft a custom all-over print design, then it has to be done from scratch, and it will cost you more than that of pre-printed ones. So this is why research is important; if you know what your requirements are, you can choose either of the designs based on your cost limitations.

Envelops EnvelopesPrinting CustomPrintedEnvelopes, Envelope printing with narrow budget: 8 tips from professionals

Need For Windows:

Windows are an important attribute that highlights envelopes. But apart from this being attractive, you have to keep in mind that it is expensive too. So think yet again, do you really need a window in your envelopes? Do you have an address that you want your customers to look at?

Or is there something that you need to highlight through a window? If the answer to most of these questions is no, then you do not need windows. This will surely keep you a lot of costs, and you would not have to print a border for these windows on your custom envelope.

Decide Between Digital And Offset Printing:

Both of the above-mentioned printing techniques have their own advantages. But when it comes to cost, there is only one that you need to choose. The key factors that will help you in making the right choice are the quantity of print, format, and colors. Offset printing is more flexible, but it can have significantly high pre-production costs.

It is best suited when you have a bulk amount of orders for envelopes because of the cost/item decrease. But if you are not looking to print a lot of envelopes, then offset printing might not be a good idea for you. Digital printing offers various savings for colored projects. It is also considered an affordable choice for variable text. Moreover, these take less time too, so if you are looking to save time, go with digital printing.

Target Special Occasions:

Just like several companies offer huge discounts on special occasions throughout the year. Similarly, printing companies offer discounts too. If you are tight on a budget, contact printing services near these occasions to avail of the appropriate discount. It will help you with getting premium printing services for less amount spent.

And you can save even more if you ask them to print envelopes in bulk amount because the larger the order is, the more they will make a profit from it. If you are looking to save yourself from headaches, money, and time and you want a guide for envelope printing on a tight budget, then follow the tips above. These tips are provided by professionals in the industry, and it will surely help you in saving money in the future.