Enjoy Adrenaline-Pumping Safari Adventures During Morning Desert Safari In Sharjah

‘’Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets’’, Oscar Wilde.

Being a hodophile, I love traveling to new destinations. I was just 7 seven years old since I started saving money for traveling. I never quit my dream of exploring the whole world. I have visited more than fifteen countries now. Last year, I decided to visit the world’s most charismatic tourist spot, the UAE. The rich culture and heritage of this Middle East country emphasized me to explore the traditional site in Dubai. As I live in Canada, so there are no deserts. Everything is covered with snow around the year. Sometimes I feel really bored because I feel restricted. Coming to the UAE changed my perspective about Muslim countries. In my opinion, the tourists’ population is greater than the local inhabitants’ population. The people are very friendly and welcoming.

I stayed in Dubai for two days, and then I traveled to Sharjah. On my way to Sharjah, I came across theRub al Khali desert. It intrigued me to book morning desert safari Sharjah deals. As soon as I reached in my hotel’s room, I browsed to find a good company. I viewed reviews, inclusion, and prices to book a suitable deal for me. I called them and made my reservation. I was super-excited so that I could not sleep that night. On next day, I was picked up from the hotel room around 9 am. The ambient of the 4×4 Nissan Patrol was super-luxurious and comfortable. I enjoyed the songs on my way.

When I reached the desert, the tourist guides welcomed me traditionally. They put garland in my neck and served Arabian tea, dates, and sweets. The sun was shining at its peak. The red dunes were sparkling with golden rays of the sun. The shiny grains of the sand were looking breathtakingly beautiful. The most enthusiastic part of the desert safari Sharjah was dune bashing on beveled dunes. I sat inside the car, put on the seat belt, and turned on the camera. This energetic adventure flushed a blast of adrenaline in my veins. It was really very funny to my screams in the recorded video after that adventure.

Driving an ATV quad bike on crusts and troughs of the desert was not less than an adventure. The specs of sand were striking my face. I also tried sandboarding during desert safari Sharjahon alternating dunes. Sliding and falling on dunes was joyous and adventurous. The 15 minutes camel walk to the campsite was full of fun. It was hop-on-hop-off like experience. I kept on drinking chilled mineral water to keep myself hydrated during the encroaching heat of summer. I took spectacular pictures to add to my album.

After enjoying such enthusiastic activities I was dropped at my hotel around 12:30 pm. I am looking forward for booking another desert safari Sharjah deal to enjoy all those things that I missed this time. I would like to spend a night in the desert exploring flora and fauna there.

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