Empty Juul Pods For Sale At Blankz Pods

For Juul users who loved the brand’s flavored pod options, it’s been a hard few months. When the ban on flavored pods went into effect, “natural” options like tobacco and menthol became the only Juul brand pods left on store shelves. This means that popular options like mint and mango pods are now a thing of the past. If you miss enjoying these great pod flavors, you can find empty Juul pods for sale from Blankz Pods.

Even before the flavor ban went into effect, Blankz Pods created their Juul compatible pods to give Juul users more options when it came to pod flavors. Every Blankz refillable Juul pod can be filled up to three times with the e-liquid of your choice, giving you the ability to vape any nic salt e-liquid you want.

When flavored Juul pods were still available, the options were pretty limited. Users could choose between fruit, mango, mint, cucumber, creme, tobacco, virginia tobacco, or menthol flavored pods. This led to plenty of other brands creating their own pods to increase the amount of available pod flavors. Due to the change in legislation, all pre-filled flavored pods are now unavailable, so finding empty Juul pods for sale is now the only way for Juul fans to enjoy flavored vapor using their original Juul batteries.

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Blankz pods are incredibly easy to use. Each pod has a removable mouthpiece that conceals the pod’s two small fill holes. Once the mouthpiece has been removed, all you have to do is remove a small plastic fill hole cover and fill each side of the pod with the nic salt e-liquid of your choice. As long as you have left enough room to fit the cover back in place, you should be able to close up your pod without leaks so you can fill them ahead of time or easily fill your pods when you are on the go.

All you need to do once you have your pods is find the perfect nic salt e-liquid to fill them with. Using nicotine salt is essential with these pods because traditional freebase nicotine vape juice just does not have a high enough concentration of nicotine to provide a satisfying amount of nicotine in each puff of vapor. Blankz Pods carry a variety of salt nic e-liquids on their site that are compatible with the Juul pods that they sell. There are dozens of options to choose from

Not only do these pods give you more options, but they can also help you save. Each Blankz pod can hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, roughly 40% more than a standard Juul pod. Because each pod can be refilled three times, you can vape roughly 3ml per pod, which is more than an entire four pack of Juul pods which contains 2.8ml of e-liquid. When you take a look at the relative cost of these pods and factor in the cost of e-liquid, you can save about 70% off the cost of Juul brand pods. For pod per day vapers, this savings can add up to over $1000 per year when you make the switch to Blankz refillable pods.

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You can find some great empty Juul pods for sale and more at the Blankz Pods website. They carry everything you need to make your perfect refillable pod vape including refillable Juul compatible pods and Juul devices for anyone in need of a fresh battery. To see their full catalog and learn more about their products, check out www.blankzpods.com.

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