Emerging Technologies In SEO And Their Application

Emerging Technologies In SEO And Their Application

SEO is a dynamic industry that keeps on evolving with time and new technology. What worked for a successful SEO strategy at one point of time will not necessarily work at another point in time. As a part of the SEO world, you need to constantly keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the field and the emerging technologies that support the activity and help in efficient operations. The ever changing demands of the industry can only be met if you are aware of the latest developments surrounding SEO. 

A number of SEO companies in Delhi, such as RepIndia, are only able to remain on top of their game by not only following these trends but also mastering them and providing their clients with the best of services. To help you capture the wave and take your SEO skills to another level all together, we bring you the latest technologies that have created quite a stir in the SEO world. Watch out for these and start making use of them to excel in your work!

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Google officially rolled out the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) algorithm on a global scale in Dec 2019. This update brought forth NLP and since then it has been a technology you must watch out for. Using NLP, Google can recognise and understand what a particular word in a sentence means based on the context it is being used in. Therefore, Google no longer depends on words or phrases that users are searching for. 

Natural language generation (NLG) for short form content:

With NLG, SEO can produce phrases and sentences using technology, in any natural language. So instead of combating a writer’s block and spending your time thinking about what you should write, NLG removes the burden through the process of automation. As a content creator it also helps you polish your content and make it better. 


TF*IDF stands for Term Frequency times Inverse Document Frequency. This helps you measure how you make use of a term on a particular page and compares it to a collection of pages for the same keyword. It may sound like it calculates the keyword density, TF*IDF actually measures the importance of a keyword or keyword phrase by comparing it to the frequency of the keyword among a large set of documents. It is a great technology to incorporate in your SEO strategy that will help you improve your SEO game by a large extent. 

If you are looking to improve your SEO game to boost your business, taking professional help is a great options available. Choose the best SEO company in India such as RepIndia to help you with not just SEO but other services such as ORM, Social Media, and Content for a power packed digital marketing strategy. 

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