Electric Shaver: The Ultimate Savior

Electric Shaver: The Ultimate Savior

The early years in time

In the very early years, except for a minuscule few, man, on the whole, was never so particular about his looks. The whole idea was to be presentable, and the aspect of personal grooming was the least of his worries and occupied the least amount of his thinking and time. His role was limited to him being the provider, either for himself or for his immediate family. That was the main and only issue. How you looked as you went about performing this important and priority task was the very least of his concern. However, as is said and understood, change is the only factor that is constant and inevitable.

This factor, therefore, had to influence man too at some point in time, and it finally and rightly did so. The realization was slowly dawning that he could indeed look better if he introduced some cosmetic changes in his overall look. The fact that the ladies were always engaged in the subtle art of transforming the way they looked and which seemingly had a positive feel in the beholder’s eyes got man thinking and seriously. The radical change in the mindset of man had to happen, and it did. He began to look at himself more closely, scrutinizing every possible detail and possibilities of a more enhanced and appealing look.

The necessity of personal grooming

It is said and believed that a mirror tells no lies, and it indeed is so true. The man began to look into the mirror more often and more minutely than ever before, and inevitably, more ideas began to form in his ever-evolving head and thoughts. Yes, he realized, there actually were ways of improving and enhancing ones’ looks, beyond and over and above what the maker had provided. There definitely were possibilities, and it all began to seem more and more feasible to him. The more he looked, the more he was convinced.

The clothes and shoes, and other accessories could be changed and altered according to personal choices, financial constraints and market availability. However, the face itself, and changes to it, held a world of possibilities. The man realized, and correctly so, that this was the angle to be explored and its full potential.

Once he was in synch with his facial features and characteristics, his ever thinking mind was diverted towards his facial hair and its constant growth. It was as if the hair had a life of its own and therefore deserved to be maintained properly. This new discovery and outlook changed how a man perceived himself and greatly altered the way he now began toview the concept of self-grooming.

Facial hair growth and the many possibilities

The growth of a beard and seemingly ever-growing was now the centre of attraction and attention for him. The way forward was to try out different permutations and combinations, and in this, the possibilities seemed to be endless. Until now, the razor is only an instrument for clearing one’s facial hair and keeping up the clean shaved look, too, using it rather skillfully to shape an existing beard. In this matter, a pair of scissors had to be kept handy for the occasional trimming need and requirement.

The revolutionary change in the concept of shaving

With the advent of the Electric Shaver, the rules for the game of shaving changed forever. Standing tall amongst all the other prestigious electric shavers brands is, and without the slightest doubt, the Skull Shaver. The experience of shaving reached the quintessential heights that could never have been imagined or envisaged before. It was the ultimate form of luxury, and all in just one tight grip. This was indeed the revolutionary change in the concept of shaving that one could have only imagined till now but never really thought would actually materialize.

One clean shave or shaping of beard and one answer

The electric shaver for men of today is a conveniently small gadget, well within the means of a perfect grip and equipped with multiple functions, and yes, well within your budget. This was really an enormous breakthrough, taking its final shape after umpteen trials and errors and loads of research and development. Every conceivable need of man and his shave was observed, looked into, and the resultant factor and shaving gadget was born and for the taking. 

Further, closely studying all the aspects lacking before this, for man to be able to receive the ultimate pleasure and personal satisfaction of shaving, and to make this task simply a cakewalk, it was served to him. Also, to add to the charm, an array of men’s head shavers, face shavers, hair clippers and trimmers, women’s shavers, along with a vast amount of features and choice of accessories, was duly made available. At this point, let us look and consider some of these very convenient features and their utility factor.


Multi-featured and multi-functional are the highlights of today’s Electric Shavers like skull shaver pitbull gold. They are not only just useful for heightening the shaving pleasure, but they claim awards for the sheer amount of beard styling possibilities. Surprisingly, and duly so, gadgets are available in the market, which can do complete justice to every hairy area, such as the head, chest, beard or any other part of the body containing unwanted hair. Obviously, the options on these gadgets are seemingly endless and possess greater functionality.

Wet and Dry Shaver

The luxurious option of both a wet and dry shaving experience is made available to every Electric Shaver recipient. Persons having and possessing a certain kind of skin condition have the option of a clear, clean, dry shave. In this case, there is no need of the additional shaving cream or gel to be applied, and no water too. If one wants to take advantage of the more relaxed and comforting shaving experience, a shaving cream base of one’s choice is more than welcome.

Cordless and with cord

This is a special feature that a whole lot of us would like to take advantage of. The Electric razors come with the options of having both cord and cordless. In other words, we are talking of battery-operated ones. Thankfully they are fitted with powerful batteries having extended time and absolutely ideal for all persons who are always on the run and need to have a shaver just handy. No frills and problems attached.

Don’t stop to think. Simply go for it.