Effective Tips to Get Budget Air Purifier in India

With the rise in pollution levels, we are getting exposed to many airborne contaminants on a day to day basis. The air indoors can become toxic over time due to concentration. So, how can we address this problem?One way is to wear a mask all the time, but this can get very uncomfortable. The other more effective way is to consider investing in an air purifier to keep your family safe if you are in a city with rising pollution levels. Here are some effective tips to get a budget air purifier in India.

Why Do We Need an Air Purifier?

First, let us understand what an air purifier is. A room air purifier pushes the air through fine filters, which trap the particulate matter. Once the particulate matter is trapped, the purified air is circulated within the room. An air purifier takes about 10 minutes to an hour to clean the air indoors.

The air purifier aims to remove harmful contaminants from the air to avoid respiratory diseases. Some of the pollutants found inside the house are pollens, allergen, dust, mites, mould, soot, smoke, pet dander, fungi, germs, bacteria and virus. This is where the air purifier comes into the picture.

Specifications to Look For

There are many specifications one must consider before investing in a room air purifier. Look for the following specifications while choosing the best budget-friendly air purifier for your house.


Air purifiers are usually small appliances that you can buy from several brands. It is a good idea to stick to well-known brands with a reputation in the market. Make sure that the air purifier you are purchasing has a HEPA filter. India has high PM2.5 concentration and HEPA helps in filtering these particles. They are guaranteed to remove about 99% of the pollutants.

Portability and Weight

Central air purifiers act as a purifying appliance for the entire house but are very expensive and may not be budget-friendly. Choose a lightweight room air purifier if you want to use it in different rooms as per your needs. Select onethat can balance the size and performance. Small air purifiers may be good but ineffective in cleaning the room thoroughly. On the other hand, a large air purifier, though effective, can be heavy on your pocket.


While buying a room purifier, look for CADR(Clean-Air Delivery Rate). Of course, how effective a purifier is can be determined only by using it over time. Many manufacturers do not want to reveal the CADR number. But do understand that better air purifiers have a high CADR number. Make sure you ask for this rating. CADR above 300 cubic-metre/hour is recommended. A number below 100 is considered ineffective. CADR rating measures three types of air pollutants namely dust, tobacco smoke and pollen. The measurement of each of these categories ranges between 10 and 450.   


Air purifiers generally come with fans that make noise. However, some room purifiers are noisier than the others. The noise emission levels of air purifiers are very important, especially if you plan to use them in your bedroom during the night. So, make sure you avoid noisy air purifiers.

Room Size

When choosing a purifier,you must consider the size of the room. Big areas require large air purifiers and vice versa. Check the coverage area of the purifier and compare it with your room size.

Maintenance and Cost

Air purifiers need some amount of maintenance. The filter must be cleaned regularly. Air purifiers with HEPA filters require a routine filter replacement. Know the cost of filter replacement before choosing a model. Ensure to check the power rating. The higher the power rating of a purifier, the more is the energy it consumes. Higher energy consumption leads to heavy electricity bills.

Avoid air purifiers that clean the air through chemical treatments. Consumer reports advise customers to avoid such room purifiers as they add ozone to the air. Ozone is good for the planet when it is at a higher altitude in the atmosphere. When mixed into the air that we breathe, it is not good for our health.

Do keep in mind the above pointers when looking for air purifiers. There are several air purifiers in India,  which enable air purification at economical prices. Hope this article helped give you an insight on how to select budget-friendly air purifiers with good features.

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