Education Destination for foreign students in Dehradun, India

Dehradun is quite synonymous and goes hand in hand. This has been that city which is known as “capital of schools in India” for a simple reason i.e.., world-class private schools that attract students all over the globe. In the last decade or so, Doon or Dehradun has tremendously grown as the hub for all the higher education for students from across the world in north India. One needs to simply name the genre or a stream in which one wants to seek higher education, and the number of options is galore in the capital city of Uttarakhand. From Management to Engineering, Pharmacy to Law, Medicine to Education; each subject has a few of the known institutes and schools of north India in the capital city.

Uttarakhand was established in the year 2000 after separating with Uttar Pradesh and ever since then, this city has been the capital of the 27th State and has never really looked back on a higher education front.

Why Doon?

Other than the State policies that encourage the endowment of educational institutes, the spectacular beauty, and warmth of the capital city has also developed it as one of the major preferred locations to pursue that higher education in that region. The city is edged by the grand Himalayan range somewhere in the north and a picturesque Shivaliks there in the south. The entire package which the city provides to students has gone on to make studying in Dehradun pretty attractive.

When it gets to schooling for all the budding students, Dehradoon has got a few of the high-profile names that come quite instantly to everyone’s mind and they may conveniently go on to admit themselves to get a quality study. This city also has a few of the finest coaching institutes for NDA, i.e., National Defence Academy alongside CDS Combined Defence Services Exams and many more. The major reason for a city being the coaching hub for all the Defence Forces Examinations is that Doon has a few of the maturest Cantonment regions and it’s been the retiring spot for officials of armed forces. Thus, many of the popular and well-known coaching institutions are being run via retired officials.

The Opportunities Regarding Education

The Educational chances are immense in Dehradun as it has got a few of the best institutes imparting education in the field of Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Sciences, etc. Several other prestigious institutes are out there in a city that is doing great apart from being the grand academic center, which is also a premier tourist fascination simply because of its beauty and artistic building. The institutes have gone on to achieve the status of the Deemed University cause of its pioneering works in the field of Environment and Forestry studies. The Colleges of the Law is amongst the oldest institute in a city established in the year 1948. The Institute of Studies and Management is another outstanding field of institutes that are present in the city, which is the largest and oldest management institute there in Uttarakhand. There is also an institute in the field of medical college that is approved via none other than the Government and is affiliated with HBU. Yes, those institutes are well known for students who are looking forward to studying Medical Health and Sciences and col Brown is Best Boys Boarding School in Dehradun, India.

The Rise

As per the recent survey by the Higher Education Dept. of the Uttarakhand government, there’s been a threefold rise in the number of management and engineering institutes in the capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun in the last eight years. The success and name of the institutions can well be judged by a fact that the five of the oldest institutes have been granted the status of a university by a State government quite recently. Most engineering and management institutes are affiliated with the UTUD, which is Uttarakhand Technical University Dehradun or the HNB Garhwal University, the Central University that is located in Shrinagar, some 150 km apart from Dehraoon. The University happens to run AICTE accredited courses through the affiliating institutions that are 91 in the number. The very first batch at the HNBGU began in 2006 and it now has about 35,000 plus students.

Another significant government university is Doon University which should be known to several people that began its very first academic session in the year 2009. The purpose of Doon University brings its elements from modern difficulties in the field of excellence in their higher education. The university provides PG courses in Natural Resources, Environmental Science, Mass Communication, Management, Economics, Social Sciences, and Languages.


This city is fast growing a favorite destination for the foreign students willing to attempt engineering in various streams. Colleges here propose various UG and PG degrees, the more common ones being Mechanical, Communication & Electronics, and CS Engineering. Several engineering colleges are there in Dehradun, highly specialized like the University of Energy and Petroleum Studies set up in the year 2003.


Dehraoon has witnessed this largest explosion of Management/MBA colleges amongst any other city in a State and perhaps in the country. Currently, 85 plus colleges are providing different management programs in a city and its suburbs. While a few such as DIT, or Doon School have gained the name for themselves.

Medicine & Law

Medical studies are one area that has recently emerged in the city of Dehradoon. During the past decade, several good colleges imparting paramedical study has flourished in this city. 

It is dotted with several law colleges, out of which several colleges are well-known for offering in-depth learning of legal issues. 

Well, that is it you have here to read and learn about the institutes there in Doon that are very much apt to say that this city rightly makes one of the major Education Destinations for foreign students. Col Brown Boarding school in Dehradun ,Uttarakhand, India can create that Base for you to get admission in reputed Institutes in India and Outside India.

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