Ecommerce & Social Media

Social media marketing has gained a pivotal position for brand enhancement in recent years. There are billions of users around the world using multiple social media platforms, this figure provides businesses with an opportunity to make the most of their social media campaigns and add a considerable number of regular and loyal customers to their brand. It should be remembered that effective social media marketing can add to a positive image of your brand globally and locally. People seem to believe more in visuals these days, social media platforms provide brands and retailers with a great platform to present their products in a better way. While you look for the best SEO company Melbourne wide, make sure that the company is providing efficient social media marketing services as well. The popularity of social media is creating space for improvement in an online retail business.  

Importance of Social Media:

Many ecommerce retailers have realised the worth of social media and are putting their ultimate efforts in using social media to the fullest for advertising and publicity of their brands. Social media followers add to the value of a brand whether a business is dealing in digital or in-person purchases. Social media can enable any brand to stand out amongst the competition regardless of its size or shape.  Social media if used properly can improve the value and worth of a brand considerably. Most of the retailers think that social media is useful only for acquisition or attention, however, this is not true. Modern social media users perform a variety of actions when they follow certain brands socially including visiting the website, making purchases, recommending brands to others, picking one specific brand over others, visiting brand’s retail stores, increasing the spending, reaching out to customer support and services of the brand, reading informative content uploaded by the brand on its website, and engaging with the brand on various social media platforms. 

Social media allows retailers to engage with consumers at almost any point during the customer lifecycle. However, there is a challenge for retailers here as well. In order to make the most of social media campaigns, retailers need to grasp the tactics and strategies that are effective and have worked for a number of top retailers to create a Compelling Customer Journey.

Engaging Through Multiple Social Media Platforms:

There are a number of social media platforms, each platform comes with its own advantages. A number of platforms are also linked with a specific type of demographics, if retailers want to grab a bigger chunk of consumers then they need to focus on more than just one platform. According to recent stats, people are using Instagram for retail more than for social interaction. You need to put together a variety of elements to grab the attention of a large number of Instagram users like compelling photos, standout brand promotion, and prominent CTAs. Similarly, Facebook provides retailers with hybrid promotion opportunities that are a mix of paid promotions and quality organic content. Pinterest is yet another way to promote your content and lure customers to purchase from you. Twitter is an excellent tool for cross-promotions. It also enables brands to give shoutouts to their customers and address their customer service needs and concerns. Every platform needs a unique strategy, you can’t implement one size fits all solution for various social media platforms. Use every channel differently to tick all the boxes and remember to back your promotions with a sound strategy that is crafted according to current trends and needs of consumers. Always try to supplement your already active social media marketing campaigns through social media and keep punching your content to grab the attention of a large number of social followers.

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