ECommerce Life Hacks: How To Get Ahead In 2020

The year 2020 has posed new challenges for businesses everywhere and for eCommerce it’s no different. However, there is always a way out, and eCommerce businesses only need to follow the trends of the year 2020 to get ahead and make conversions. The first and foremost thing you need for a fast and productive eCommerce business is to find fast and reliable web hosting services in Australia. Once you’re all set up, you can follow new trends to stay in demand. You can’t just overlook trends as they have huge influence across the web. Trends become a requirement for any eCommerce website to ensure good user experience. What do we mean by trends? Here are some examples:

Voice User Interface

The voice user interface is not a very new thing for smartphone users, however, in order to ensure a good user experience on a website it has now become a necessity for eCommerce. The evolution of Alexa, Siri, and Google Home has increased the need for Voice User Interface or simply VUI. VUI is capable of making interaction with computers through human voice possible, there are some features that help VUI in doing so like understanding spoken words or phrases, answer questions through audio and text to speech output to play a reply. Voice control has become an important part of our everyday life lately, so much so that VUI is driving 50% of searches made in the year 2020. Therefore, you need to provide your visitors with a good VUI experience on your website.

Video Content:

Graphics were an important part of the web long ago, however, it has become a necessity these days. There was an evolution of infographics, but now the trend has moved further and eCommerce websites are using video content on their websites to increase the engagement of the users. Users are liking this trend and responding to sales. Therefore eCommerce websites need to use more video content while avoiding the effect of video content on the loading speed of their websites. Some good methods to integrate video content on your website is answering faqs through videos. You can also display your company’s working, culture, and environment using videos. Another popular method is integrating detailed videos of your products instead of showing them using pictures. You could also place a video in the careers section explaining the interview methodology and a glimpse of your work culture. You can even have a video thank you a message, show gratitude to your clients and customers using a video instead of simple text or photo. There are many great ways to use video content in ecommerce just make sure it’s right for your business and product. 

Give Priority to Mobiles:

Ecommerce businesses need to realise the importance of smartphones since around 79% of smartphone users now use their smartphones to shop online. Not everyone has time to turn on their desktops systems or laptops to order their desired items from your website. With the inclusion of social media platforms in eCommerce, it is all about smartphones now, therefore, you need to implement a mobile-friendly interface on your website otherwise you will see a huge decrease in terms of traffic and sales.

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