Easy Drawing Tutorials To Make An Eye

How can I draw the eyes well with easy drawing tutorials? Are there any techniques for drawing eyes? How can I learn to paint well? Today, the teacher collected and sorted out some tutorials on how to draw eyes from the Internet. The tutorials are very simple. Let’s take a look:

In the process of painting, you will definitely encounter the problem of drawing eyes. In the overall shaping of the character, the eyes play a pivotal role. Therefore, we need to master the eye drawing tutorials method. Different eye drawing methods can show the character’s characteristics to a large extent.

easy drawing tutorials

Today, I will bring you a simple eye drawing tutorials by the Japanese painter Minato, so that you can easily unlock the eye drawing skills.

So, let’s start learning together!

1. Types of eyes

There are 6 types of more conventional eyes (yes, the ones framed in green), and the other two are special eyes that appear in the animation (the two that are not framed). The most basic and most common are the 4 in the upper row.

They are: ordinary eyes, drooping eyes, hanging eyes, contempt eyes

Eyes are very good at reflecting the character of a character. For example, a person who is steady and generous will become very strange when drawing hanging eyes, while a person with facial paralysis may also have three white eyes.

Sunshine confident eyes, cool drawing ideas eyes and the like, eyes really have a variety of things. Please observe the works of illustrators and cartoonists as a reference.

There are a lot of illustration courses on it. Every day the teacher will guide your illustration skills online, so that your lazy cancer can’t escape, highlight the key points, it’s free, it’s really free, it’s really free!

Second, the type of pupil

Recently, there are three types of pupils: round pupils, elongated pupils and oval pupils.

But the pupil easy drawing tutorials for kids method is not static. In the past, everyone liked to draw oval eyes with more white parts and elongated pupils. In the popular painting method in recent years, the white parts of the eyes are reduced, the pupils are more rounded, and there is a slight ellipse stretched longitudinally.

Generally speaking, eyes are composed of white eyes and pupils. Regarding the types of pupils, we just mentioned hanging eyes and drooping eyes in the eye types. Even if the pupils of these two types of eyes are partially covered, they cannot be lazy, but should be mastered. Of~! (Drawing must not be lazy, hello, knock on the blackboard)

Drooping eyes

At the same time, the shape of the pupil can also be used to suggest the age of the character. The round pupils are more mature than the oval pupils. For example, the oval pupil on the far right of the picture below is quite suitable for the role of Lori.

Three, the key points of drawing good eyes

To grasp the character’s eyes, there are two key points.

Form consciousness

Left and right balance

About the consciousness of form. As long as we are still drawing characters, we must follow the basic characteristics of the human body. So, when a cool drawing idea, remember to follow the actual shape of the eyes. Let’s first take a look at what is right and what is wrong.

Why is the left side right and the right side wrong?

Let’s talk about real eyes first. The corners of human eyes and lower eyelids will not be blocked, and the lower eyelashes are also connected to the lower eyelids.

Let’s take a look at the wrong way of easy cool drawing ideas tutorials, the eyelid under the right eye is directly covered partly, and the eyelid will extend into the void! (Hey, lower your eyelids, don’t go back quickly) If you draw it like this, it will be a little confusing.

With the correct easy drawing tutorials method on the left, if the brain is patched up, the upper eyelid can be well connected with the lower eyelid.

That’s right, it’s the above feeling.

Therefore, for students who don’t draw well, they need to think about themselves:

The second point is the balance between left and right. When we draw the front of the character, we must ensure that the height of the eyes is the same, otherwise it will look strange. Just like the following.

At this time, we need to adjust the size and height of the eyes so that they are at the same height. After adjusting, you must observe the distance between the eyes. Basically, the distance between two eyes is the width of one eye.

Maintaining this awareness will allow you to better grasp the left-right balance of your eyes.

Of course, depending on the personality of the character, the width may be adjusted. For example, to make the character cuter, you can draw the eye spacing a little wider.

For those who can’t draw the balance between the left and right eyes, the most important thing is to draw the face first.

We confirm the position of the eyes on the face, draw the outline of the eyes first, and then fill in the pupils, so that we can better grasp the balance of the eyes~

Finally, let’s summarize it~

1.       There are various types of eyes, and different types of eyes can reflect different personalities.

2.       The more popular types of pupils are round, and pupils of different shapes can also indicate the age characteristics of the characters.

3.       The awareness of the shape of the eyes and the sense of balance between left and right are very important.

I often hear that just changing the size of the eyes or pupils can affect the character’s popularity and style. So even if you are entangled in the eyes, you don’t lose, in short, you have to practice easy cool drawing ideas eyes more.

If you are not able to draw your favorite eyes perfectly at this stage, please don’t give up. Every time I take it seriously, my painting will get better and better.

It mainly teaches you how to draw the eyes of characters, teaches you how to draw eyes better, and the skills of easy drawing tutorials eyes. The tutorial is very simple, believe this tutorial I’m sure everyone will be helpful. Let’s take a look. The material comes from the Internet, so delete it if you invade.

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